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Lost Profit Damages: Principles, Methods, and Applications

A Review of Everett P. Harry, III and Jeffrey H. Kinrich’s 2022 Second Edition In 2017, Everett P. Harry, III and Jeffrey H. Kinrich released Lost Profits Damages: Principles, Methods, and Applications. Their purpose in publishing the book was to provide a comprehensive reference guide to cover important topics relevant to determination of lost profit damages. This book review discusses the second edition r ...

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Providing Expert Testimony in Business Valuation

What to Watch For and What to Watch Out For Expert testimony is not for the faint of heart. The best expert is that person who gathers trial experience well before the first testimony experience and in that time has not only developed the technical skills—meaning mastered and acknowledged the methodologies—but has also attended depositions, jury trials, and bench trials. The practitioner will also understan ...

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Book Review

Best Practices: Thought Leadership in Valuation, Damages, and Transfer Price Analysis This fall, Robert F. Reilly and Robert P. Schweihs published Best Practices: Thought Leadership in Valuation, Damages, and Transfer Price Analysis. The book celebrates the 50th anniversary of Willamette Management Associates and is intended to present thought leadership. The topics selected for inclusion are topics that th ...

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It’s Only an Opinion

An Appraiser in Court This is a review of Henry J. Wise’s, MAI, CBA, BVAL, CRE (Retired) recently released book, It’s Only an Opinion: An Appraiser in Court. In this book, comprised of 23 chapters, Mr. Wise is not only humorous but also insightful. He shares several nuggets from his 35-years of experience testifying in court on real estate controversies. He offers valuable information to business appraisers ...

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Discounting Economic Damages to Present Day Value

What discount rate should you use? Economic damages in litigation must be reduced to present day dollar values to avoid over-compensating the Plaintiff for harm caused by the defendant. This article explains present value theory in simple terms and addresses different methodologies used in reducing future economic damages to a present day dollar value. ...

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The Third Leg of Expert Witness Preparation

Good communication skills are essential for the expert Witness Expert witnesses and litigation support professionals generally do not consider the importance of communication skill training and practice as part of their preparation process. Communication is the third leg of expert witness preparation and separates the average witness from the great witness. ...

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Fraud Triage: First Steps When Fraud Is Discovered

A Solid Checklist to Help Businesses Deal with the Immediate Hours after Discovery of Fraud The discovery of fraud within a company can be extremely unnerving and can introduce a certain amount of panic in business owners and accounting professionals. Here’s a checklist of things you should be sure to do—from contacting law enforcement and insurers to preserving evidence and communicating with employees. ...

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