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Where Do You Stand on “EBITDAC”

and “Voodoo” Economic Forecasts? One of the issues facing the business valuation community as well as business owners is the newly created accounting metric called “EBITDAC”, which stands for Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization, and Coronavirus. This is a non-GAAP accounting metric used by some companies today to raise more debts from lending institutions by adjusting or recasting t ...

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Our Practices Need Aspirational Clients to Thrive

Here’s How to Land Them What is an aspirational client? How can valuation professionals find and engage them? In this article, Rod Burkert shares his insight and experience finding aspirational clients. Aspirational clients. Who are they? What steps does it take to land them? Why are they important to our practice growth? When we started our practices, we were happy with the clients we got because we needed ...

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Seven Advantages of Virtual Marketing

Marketing During COVID-19 and Beyond Over the past few months, COVID-19 has become a household word, and shelter-in-place orders have rocked the business world. Small wonder that the concept of virtual marketing and business development has jumped to center stage. Nearly overnight, thousands of professional services firms have begun scrambling to figure out how to replace the only marketing approach they ha ...

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Estate of Aaron U. Jones v. Commissioner

The Court Opens to Tax-Affecting In Estate of Jones, the court addressed the tax affecting issue along with several other issues discussed in the valuation world today, including the proper approach for valuing an operating timber business (income vs. asset-based), the reliability of management projections, and the appropriate discount for lack of marketability. For the first time in 20 years, a valuation e ...

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Using International Economic Time Series Data in Determining Lost Profits

Forensic engagements that involve determining lost profits or other economic damages often require a “time series” of economic and market data. When the lost profits or other economic damages engagement involves comparing international companies, multi-country economic data, and international market data, the challenges in locating meaningful data become especially difficult. In this article, the authors sh ...

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Overview of Bankruptcy

Procedures and Bankruptcy Code Changes for CPAs and Consultants A business or individual facing financial distress can utilize three types of federal bankruptcies to attempt to resolve their financial difficulties. This article provides an overview of the differences and when each would be used. Keep in mind that bankruptcy is a legal proceeding and must be handled by an attorney. However, business and fina ...

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Construction Claims

Their Potential Impact on Valuing a Construction Contractor Construction claims may impact the value of a construction company. In this article, the author discusses the issues that arise and the methodologies that may impact the valuation. A construction claim is a demand made by the contractor to the owner for additional revenue for construction work performed on a construction project which is beyond the ...

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Task List

For When a Client Wants to Sell Their Business The authors in this article share a checklist developed and provided to firm clients contemplating a sell of their business. Following are the steps involved when a client wants to sell their business. Buyers can also use this list as a timeline and road map of the steps that are expected to occur and what is expected of them. ❏  Be sure client wants to se ...

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Valuation Treatment of the ESOP

Repurchase Obligation Liability There are certain valuation aspects that are unique to employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) sponsor company valuation engagements. The ESOP repurchase obligation is one of those aspects. There is a diversity of practice in the valuation profession as to how to treat the repurchase obligation for sponsor company valuations performed for ESOP administration purposes. There are ...

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June 2020

Seven Things You Can Do When You Have Nothing To Do You were humming along nicely … until the shelter-in-place orders hit. All cylinders were firing. You were busy! And now you are not … or not as. What do you do with the (hopefully temporary) lull? Panic? Or use the opportunity to systematically find more work? You were humming along nicely … until the shelter-in-place orders hit. All cylinders were firing ...

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