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Business Interruption

A Unique Assessment of Commercial Damages Business interruption is a form of commercial damages that may include both breach of contract and torts. While it is not common for financial experts to be hired in business interruption situations, some claims require their expertise. Unlike a traditional lost profit analysis, business interruption calculations are unique. Any expert asked to make such an analysis ...

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Evidence of Actual Monetary Loss is Required

When Calculating the Exemplary Damages Cap In a recent Texas Court of Appeals case, the jury awarded plaintiff $15,000,000 in exemplary damages; the Court reduced this amount citing section 41.008(b)(1) of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code, which caps exemplary damages at two times the amount of "economic damages," plus up to $750,000 in non-economic damages. The question on appeal was whether th ...

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Trends Influencing the Fair Value of Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Investments

In Mercer Capital’s most recent issue of Portfolio Valuation: Private Equity and Venture Capital Marks and Trends, they provide a brief digest and commentary of some of the most relevant market trends influencing the fair value of private equity and venture capital portfolio investments.  Key highlights are covered in their Third Quarter 2017 newsletter. To read the full article in Mercer Capital's Financia ...

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Bitcoin Seeks Recognition from U.S. GAAP

The FASB is conducting early stage research about developing an accounting standard for digital currency and the technology that underpins it.  With the use of digital currency increasing, proponents say inconsistent accounting practices are becoming a problem. To read the full article in Thomson Reuters, click: Bitcoin Seeks Recognition from U.S. GAAP. ...

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Six Traits of Leading Finance Functions

CFOs are eager to make the finance function more efficient and useful.  Samantha White, CGMA Magazine senior editor, explains what leading finance functions have in common. To read the full article in CGMA Magazine, click: Six Traits of Leading Finance Functions. ...

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Alternative Benchmarks for Use in Litigation

in Light of LIBOR’s End Appraisal and litigation support professionals consider various rates to use as part of a financial model, including LIBOR. Near the end of July 2017, British banking regulators made waves in the business world by announcing the end of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, by the end of 2021. LIBOR’s end will mean the loss of a financial benchmark that is not only ubiquitous i ...

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Empathy at the Mediation Table

Understanding Another Person’s Point of View—A Fundamental Tool of Communication Empathy, when used appropriately is truly amazing. It strengthens and enriches our understanding of others, and enhances our ability to motivate them. Though there is no scientific way to measure the power of empathy, you can feel it when you use it, especially during mediation-type proceedings, when the opposing parties are fr ...

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How to Encourage Candor in Your Office

It is difficult to deliver bad news or discuss mistakes, but honesty plays an important part in the development of a workplace that is effective and productive.  Eddie Huffman states that, hard truths, delivered well, are necessary for health and growth. To read the full article in CPA Insider, click: How to Encourage Candor in Your Office. ...

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U.S. SEC’s Piwowar Urges Companies to Pursue Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

SEC Official Suggests IPO Paperwork Could Include Arbitration Clauses Michael Piwowar, a Republican member of the Securities and Exchange Commission, has suggested that companies be allowed to include mandatory arbitration clauses in paperwork for initial public offerings. To read the full article in Reuters, click: U.S. SEC’s Piwowar Urges Companies to Pursue Mandatory Arbitration Clauses. ...

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Microsoft Among First to Give Fuller Picture of Lease Situation

Microsoft Could Provide Early Test of New Lease Accounting Rules Microsoft had said it would adopt new lease accounting rules July 1 instead of waiting for 2019, when the rules take effect.  Microsoft's status as a large, high-profile company means other businesses will study its example. To read the full article in Bloomberg, click: Microsoft Among First to Give Fuller Picture of Lease Situation. ...

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