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Should the Discount Rate for Contingent/Unliquidated Liabilities be Low, Medium, or High?

Valuing Liabilities Differs from Valuing Assets Valuing contingent/unliquidated liabilities raises some interesting questions. Do contingent/unliquidated liabilities have liability-specific risk? If yes, does liability-specific risk result in lower or higher obligations? Why do contingent/unliquidated liabilities related to lawsuits tend to settle as opposed to go through verdict and appeals? This article a ...

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Does the Rainmaker Model Still Work?

Relevance and Alternate Approaches to Succeed Traditionally, accounting and financial services organizations have relied on their firms’ partners to “make it rain” or by using their connections, both personal and professional, along with a sprinkling of charisma, to bring in new business and revenue. How effective is this traditional model in a technology driven world where buyers of services can now access ...

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“Little Big Data”

Get Clients to Count on Your Accounting Is it the valuation of a small privately held company with three employees? Or a large multi-national with employees in the thousands? Perhaps it is reviewing assets in a highly contested divorce. One way or another, you are trying to reach a decision, an opinion, or a conclusion from the data in front of you. Using big data, you must compose a story and present the d ...

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The Land Estate

Valuation Issues for Wind and Mineral Surface Development Rights As wind energy has emerged as a leading source of energy, several issues have arisen with respect to the rights of parties holding surface and mineral rights. There are important legal issues that need to be explored to assess whether to develop a wind energy farm. This article provides a historical and brief legal overview of the issues. By t ...

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Economic Damage Measurements

Lost Profits and Loss of Business Value—Differences and Correlation in Terms of the Harmful Impact to Plaintiff’s Claims When a plaintiff suffers, or believes to have suffered, economic damages as a result of a defendant’s actions in a civil matter he/she and their attorney are faced with determining the amount of economic damage suffered. A damages remedy is provided to restore the plaintiff to the same ec ...

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This is How I Vet my BVFLS Prospects

You Can Do It, Too How should a BVFLS practitioner first engage a prospective client? In this article, the author discusses how he engages prospects and the fee questions. It all starts with a phone call and the much-dreaded question: How much would you charge to value ABC Industries, Inc.? I don’t know … would you like me to guess? I mean, how could I possibly know without more details? For more years than ...

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Lost Profits and Discount Rates

What Do the Courts Want? Finding the methodology for determining the appropriate discount rate in a lost profits case can be a convoluted journey. The numerator (the lost profits) may be adjusted through modeling. The denominator (the discount rate) may be a risk-free rate, a rate of return on investments, or the rate of return commensurate with generating the lost profits had no wrongful act occurred. And, ...

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The Impact of the Coronavirus

On the Valuation of Small Businesses What is the impact of coronavirus on small businesses? What should valuation analysts consider in light of the stock market downfall when valuing a small business. The author shares his thoughts on the impact of coronavirus when valuing small businesses. The coronavirus pandemic is wrecking havoc on the global economy as we have seen last week with the stock market crash ...

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Application of Scenario Analysis for Computing Discount Rates

In Related-Party Cost Sharing Arrangements (Part II of II) This two-part paper demonstrates how the discount rate associated with the investment in intangibles developed under a cost sharing arrangement can be calculated using an analytical framework that explicitly considers variability of outcomes in profitability of the intangibles to be developed. Such framework is the probability-weighted scenario anal ...

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How to Grow 3X Faster

New Study Spotlights Five Proven Strategies There is an easy way to identify the most effective strategies for rapid growth. For the fifth year in a row, the Hinge Research Institute conducted a comprehensive study of more than 1,000 professional services firms. Specifically, Hinge looked at what “high-growth” firms (those with at least three years of 20% compound annual growth) do differently than firms th ...

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