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Technology and the Birth of Digital Forensics

The Evolution of Digital Forensics and Growth of the Industry The rapid growth of technology has resulted in the computer age, which has given rise to cybercrimes. Savvy criminals today use devices such as tablets, computers, smartphones, and cloud storage in the planning and commission of cybercrimes, whether to wreak havoc in the system of an organization or in the commission of a crime of self-enrichment ...

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Valuation Guidelines for Mineral and Renewable Interests

A Data Analytics Approach The valuation of minerals and renewables falls outside the usual guidelines of real property appraisal, where real property broadly defined includes land, everything permanently attached to it, at, above, and below the earth’s surface and all the interests, benefits, and rights inherent in the ownership collectively referred to as “the bundle of sticks”. This is because most apprai ...

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What is Cryptocurrency?

How Does it Work? Everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrency these days, but many are unsure how to define it and fewer still, know exactly how it works. Cryptocurrency is a digital construct without physical substance; the only evidence of its existence is the digital record or ledger indicating balances held (like a balance sheet) and transactions that have occurred (like an income statement). What ...

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Comparing Apples (Enterprise Value) to Oranges (Equity Value) to Pears …?

Communicating Value “Comparing apples to oranges” refers to contrasting two or more items that are similar, but that have important differences. While apples and oranges are both fruits, they have different flavors, colors, textures, etc. In a business valuation, comparing enterprise value to equity value is like comparing apples to oranges. Both measure the value of a business, but the results can differ s ...

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Adding Compensation Consulting to Your Practice

Diversify the Revenue Sources Valuation consultants usually have training and experience with the process of normalizing owner compensation. They may also have access to compensation comparability data, which is a collection of actual amounts paid by other employers which can be sorted. Therefore, valuation specialists may already have what they need to begin adding compensation consulting services to their ...

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Elder Fraud

Risks in a Post Pandemic Environment The pandemic placed many individuals into an environment where they had to rely on technology to conduct daily life and the financial transactions associated with it. This was a major change; especially for a generation that was accustomed to handling their banking and financial transactions face to face. Forcing a generation to begin to conduct banking and purchasing on ...

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Are Disappointing Healthcare PE Deals a Sign to Come?

Analysis of Deal Stats Pre- and Post-COVID-19 This article will review PE activity generally, and in the healthcare industry, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and discuss what is expected for the remainder of 2021, as the economy evolves in response to a post-pandemic America. The involvement of private equity (PE) in the healthcare industry in the first quarter of 2021 disappointed investors after the number ...

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The Business I Value Most is Mine

You Should Feel the Same Way There is a great expression that is used as advertising in our industry: the business we value most is yours. (It is like: The customer is always right.) It is a great slogan and one the author quoted in his LinkedIn profile! And then, as the author states, he wised up and discovered that the business he valued most was his own. In this article, he explains why the reader should ...

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Should the Market Approach be Excluded

When Guideline Companies are Not Very Good? When given a choice, do you prefer to minimize errors of commission or omission? The answer will likely influence your view as to whether the market approach should be used when valuing a company with guideline companies that are not very good. Someone who seeks to minimize errors of commission will likely exclude the market approach due to the difficulties in exe ...

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Considerations in Valuation of SPAC Sponsor’s Equity

Probability and Scenario Analysis In this article, the author explores considerations in valuing SPAC founders’ equity for these purposes. Marcum LLP has been active in assisting sponsors of special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) with registration and other aspects of initial public offering (IPO). Where appropriate and permissible under the relevant independence rules, we have also assisted our non-a ...

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