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Highlights the “Good” and “Bad” Hindsight Debate Many predictions are doomed to fail whereas hindsight is undefeated. Predicting the future is very difficult due to the countless permutations that can occur. By contrast, anyone can observe what happened after the fact. Not surprisingly, it can be tempting to focus on the reliability of hindsight over the (typically) more relevant contemporaneous projections ...

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How to Use Virtual Marketing

to Convert Leads into New Business In this post, Dr. Frederiksen shares some thoughts on ways to use virtual marketing to increase visibility, communicate your expertise, and build engagement with prospects. In the age of COVID-19, these marketing techniques are essential to a firm’s survival. In my most recent post, I explained some key advantages of virtual marketing over more traditional approaches. In t ...

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Demystifying Monte Carlo Simulation

Time to Revisit this Tool If you think Monte Carlo simulations are too complex to use in business valuation, you are not alone. There are three main reasons valuators shy away from using Monte Carlo analysis: 1) they do not totally understand it, 2) it involves statistical analysis and most would prefer not to relive their college statistics class, and 3) it is difficult to explain, especially to a jury. A ...

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Fair Use of Your Competitor’s Trademarks

Avoiding Trademark Infringement Sometimes you need to use your competitors' trademarks to sell your products or services. This is particularly true when you are selling, for example, replacement parts, and need to say that your replacements are compatible with the trademark owners’ products. It can also be important when providing services such as repair. If you repair BMW automobiles, you need to let other ...

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COVID-19—Proximate Cause

and its Impact on Lost Profits Calculations These are challenging times. Financial experts are faced with economic uncertainty and differing projections from various sources as to what the “new normal” will look like. Regardless of the economic circumstances, financial experts are hired to estimate lost profits. These calculations must be made with reasonable certainty. But to be reasonably certain, proxima ...

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Three Good Reasons to Add Personal Injury Damages Services to Your Practice

Personal Damages Calculations and Exposure to COVID-19 Financial experts who, in the past, have been reluctant to take on personal injury economic damages as part of their practice should reconsider that decision today. Not only is the field growing and on the verge of a potentially huge boom driven by the COVID-19 crisis, there are plenty of resources to help you quickly get up to speed performing these ty ...

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How to Determine Fair Value

In a SPAC Merger Transaction The fair value of equity consideration issued in a merger involving a public company is generally calculated as the product of the quoted price for the individual equity instrument times the quantity issued (commonly referred to a “P times Q”). However, if the merger involves a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), determining “P” can be subjective and may result in differ ...

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Managing Transfer Pricing in the Economic Downturn

Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic Business leaders, tax practitioners, and attorneys are considering how to address the serious challenges that may arise from disruptions in commercial activities due to business closures, travel restrictions, and stay-at-home orders that were put in place in many countries around the world in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is also impacting transfer pricing syst ...

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Where Do You Stand on “EBITDAC”

and “Voodoo” Economic Forecasts? One of the issues facing the business valuation community as well as business owners is the newly created accounting metric called “EBITDAC”, which stands for Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization, and Coronavirus. This is a non-GAAP accounting metric used by some companies today to raise more debts from lending institutions by adjusting or recasting t ...

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Our Practices Need Aspirational Clients to Thrive

Here’s How to Land Them What is an aspirational client? How can valuation professionals find and engage them? In this article, Rod Burkert shares his insight and experience finding aspirational clients. Aspirational clients. Who are they? What steps does it take to land them? Why are they important to our practice growth? When we started our practices, we were happy with the clients we got because we needed ...

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