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Cost Approach to Intellectual Property Valuation

Part I: Conceptual Principles This is a four-part article series. The articles and discussion focus on the conceptual principles and the practical applications of the cost approach in the development of intellectual property valuations. Part I of this discussion focuses on the conceptual principles that support the application of the cost approach to intellectual property valuation. Part II describes the ge ...

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2 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get That New Client

Not all referral opportunities pan out. And there are two reasons why. This article explains those two main reasons. I want that new client. I need that new client. I am perfect for that new client. I deserve that new client. Dang! Why didn’t I get that new client?! Unfortunately, not all referral opportunities pan out. And there are two reasons why. Reason #1: Your Referral Source Didn’t Refer You Ouch! Hi ...

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Update on 2022 Healthcare Payment Rules

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Publishes Proposed and Final Rules on Medical Reimbursement Rates The U.S. government is the largest payor of medical costs, through Medicare and Medicaid, and consequently has a strong influence on physician reimbursement. The prevalence of these public payors in the healthcare marketplace often results in their acting as a price setter and being used as a benchmark for p ...

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Business Interruption Claims in a ‘Pandemic Economy’

Natural Disasters and Claims Submission Best Practices This article’s purpose is to alert practitioners to potential issues that may arise during the claims process as it relates to damages suffered from a catastrophic event, other than COVID-19, during the ‘pandemic economy. Readers need to be aware of and distinguish the two events when filing a claim. Because the influence of the ‘pandemic economy’ on bu ...

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Hack Damages

From Beginning to End The authors of this article discuss what happens when credit card data is stolen and personal identifiable information is stolen. They recount how this information is used and sold on the dark web and the issues that arise when damages are claimed. The case of Target Corporation Data Security Breach Litigation, Attias et al. v. Carefirst, Inc., and Wawa provides context and insight on ...

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Psychological and Emotional Roadblocks Hamper Negotiations

Reasons for Failed Negotiations There are many reasons for failed negotiations. Emotion is often a reason that people cannot resolve their differences. When individuals are highly emotional, they lose the ability to think clearly and to fully evaluate the risks in continuing the controversy. Pride, ego, vengeance, and many other factors combine and contribute to creating negotiation roadblocks. Many of thes ...

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Why Do We Mess With the Cost of Equity

But Not the Cost of Debt? Determining the cost of equity can be quite interesting whereas determining the cost of debt is often boring. We may add items to the cost of equity—such as a size or company specific risk premium—that arguably are not included in the CAPM methodology used to determine the cost equity. But then we do not add these items to the cost of debt. Do only equity investors care about size ...

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How to Maximize Sale Value When Selling a Company

Key Actions to Undertake to Increase the Price of a Company This article provides a brief overview covering what the author—a middle market investment banker—believes is the most worthwhile and impactful actions that anyone contemplating the sale of their business can take right now to set themselves up for success in a future transaction process. The author recommends that prospective sellers and their adv ...

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SPAC Attack

Six Months In Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) have been a prime focus of the SEC over the last six months. On April 12, 2021, the SEC issued “Staff Statement on Accounting and Reporting Considerations for Warrants Issued by Special Purpose Acquisition Companies” to highlight potential accounting implications and provide guidance on making the determination between classifying the warrants issue ...

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To Exit a Business for Millions, Begin with the End in Mind

Get Acquired for Millions—A Roadmap for Technology Services Providers to Maximize Company Value What should a technology service professional know to sell his or her company for millions. In this book review, Michael Pakter discusses Linda Rose’s Get Acquired for Millions—A Roadmap for Technology Services Providers to Maximize Company Value. Entrepreneurs aspiring to end up selling their businesses for mill ...

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