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Preventing Case Over Valuation

Why Attorneys Tend to Overvalue Their Cases and What to Do! Research indicates that most lawyers over value their cases, and what is even more fascinating, it does not matter how long the attorney has been in practice! There are a number of reasons over valuation occurs; sometimes the answer is just that the attorney did not spend enough time reviewing the case, or failed to consider getting a second opinio ...

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Business Valuation and Reporting in Matrimonial Disputes

Adherence to Development and Reporting Standards in Family Law Litigation Family law practitioners deal with a host of complexities when resolving matrimonial disputes.  In high net worth cases, financial considerations soon become paramount.  Often the largest financial asset on the marital balance sheet is an interest in a closely held business controlled and operated by the family or single spouse.  In t ...

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Accountability, Rights, and Discipline in Early-Stage Companies

This week, Travis Harms, Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group lead, features two stories and one study, each of which highlights the need to analyze venture transactions in their entirety, rather than focusing solely on price. To read the full article in Mercer Capital's Financial Reporting Blog, click: Accountability, Rights, and Discipline in Early-Stage Companies. This article is republis ...

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Accounting Period Planning may Provide Preferred Year

Although some types of entities have required tax years, not all do.  Karen Messner helps you find out how to adopt a tax year other than a calendar year by planning ahead. To read the full article in the The Tax Adviser, click: Accounting Period Planning may Provide Preferred Year. ...

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How to Comply with the New AICPA Ethics Standards for M&A

The rise in firm discontinuances and sales brings with it a host of practitioner concerns regarding independence, confidentiality, and the transfer of client files.  To address these concerns and provide specific guidance, the Professional Ethics Executive Committee issued two new interpretations of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (the Code) and revised an existing interpretation.  April Sherman, man ...

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Exelon Corp. v. Commissioner

A Decision that Illustrates the Importance of Appraiser Independence To successfully work in the field of business valuation, appraisers must perform assignments with impartiality, objectivity, and independence, and without consideration of personal interests or the interests of those who hired them. Should such bias be found, the appraisal could be considered worthless and the expert’s reputation damaged, ...

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Should Business Appraisers “Normalize” Long-Term Treasury Rates When Building Equity Discount Rates?

Some valuation practitioners use a normalized risk-free rate in determining the cost of capital.  This can inflate the cost of equity by up to a couple of percentage points, which in turn depresses valuation multiples.  Is normalizing the risk-free rate a rational, reasonable practice?  In today’s guest post, Chris Mercer suggests the answer is an emphatic no. To read the full article in Mercer Capital's Fi ...

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How Implementing Value Pricing Can Help Your Staff Get More Done

As many firms are struggling to recruit and retain qualified people, some practitioners have found that value pricing has made their working environment more efficient and more attractive to staff members.  Value pricing can keep your team happier and make your firm more profitable. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: How Implementing Value Pricing Can Help Your Staff Get More Don ...

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How to Maximize Social Security Benefits Under New Rules

Navigating the New Social Security Rules Changes to Social Security rules have eliminated the file-and-suspend strategy for younger couples.  However, couples should still coordinate their claiming strategies, and there are various rules about disability benefits and divorced spouses to keep in mind.  PFP/PFS section members can listen to this podcast on the latest Social Security developments by Ted Sarens ...

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