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The Expert Witness Exchange

Marketplace Platform for Aspiring and Experienced Litigation Support Professionals Until now, a lawyer could not put out a call for help with a single case description and submit that to one, a dozen, or an entire community of relevant subject matter experts simultaneously with the single push of a button. Until now, an expert might have to choose between paying for advertising to be listed in a directory a ...

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Lease Accounting Standards: Are Multinationals Sitting on a “Leaseberg” of Huge Proportions?

New lease accounting standards come into force at the start of next year which will fundamentally change how companies can report off-balance sheet financing.  How will the new rules affect finance leaders? To read the full article in Accountancy Age, click: Lease Accounting Standards: Are Multinationals Sitting on a “Leaseberg” of Huge Proportions? ...

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Kitces: Three Strategies for Managing Big Capital Gains

Many long-term investors have amassed substantial capital gains since the market bottomed out in March 2009.  While great-looking on paper, such gains have real tax implications for engaging in even routine investment adjustments. To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, click: Kitces: Three Strategies for Managing Big Capital Gains. ...

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Lack of Communication Killing Family Wealth

Lack of communication and trust has depleted 60 percent of family fortunes, according to a recent white paper from BNY Mellon's Pershing entitled "Parent Trap: Avoiding Common Multigenerational Wealth Planning Pitfalls."  On the other hand, poor financial planning accounts for three percent of bankrupted family wealth. To read the full article in Financial Advisor, click: Lack of Communication Killing Famil ...

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Unique Circumstances When Calculating Lost Profits

Reliability of Client’s Data This article discusses how experts can handle the unique situation of receiving unreliable data. Litigation and appraisal literature will be reviewed as will the author’s handling of unreliable data in a recent lost profits case. In the end, warning signs will be reviewed to alert the expert to potential problems with the projected data. ...

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Condition, Cause, and Outlook

Case Study on the Use of Visuals to Track Revenue, Expenses, and Process What is CCO? How is it used? The CCO technique has no traceable origin, but its application is self-evident and imminently practical. The technique is typified by its initialism, i.e., CCO that self-describes the process: what is the condition underlying the problem(s), what is the cause of the underlying problem(s), and what is the ou ...

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How to Avoid Misunderstandings in Multicultural Workplaces

Global companies have long expected talent from all over the world to work together, whether remotely or in the same location.  McKinsey research has shown that a diverse workforce is in the best interest of businesses.  The varied approaches workers with different characteristics and backgrounds bring to creativity, problem-solving, and leadership drive innovation and growth more effectively. To read the f ...

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Is it Possible to Create Tax-Free Income for Life? Tax Strategy Scan

Clients can use tax-free, non-alternative minimum tax municipal bonds to create a source of tax-free income, an advisor on CNBC writes.  While long-term investors will be better off building a portfolio of equities and bonds than having a 100% bond portfolio, muni bonds are a good alternative to annuities and other fixed-income vehicles, according to the expert.  Clients who invest in annuities will incur t ...

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Will #MeToo Come to Wealth Management Next?

Influential figures such as Hollywood powerbroker Harvey Weinstein and casino mogul Steve Wynn have had their careers ended amid allegations of sexual misconduct.  And several members of the House of Representatives have resigned in recent months over accusations that they too had engaged in misconduct.  Wealth management is not immune from these problems. To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, clic ...

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