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The Application of Guideline Publicly Traded Company Risk Adjustment

Quantifying the Risk Adjustment Depending on the valuation assignment facts and circumstances, the valuation analyst (analyst) may encounter a unique valuation problem: a problem that is well outside the ordinary scope of typical valuation issues. Unique problems provide the analyst an opportunity to develop thought leadership solutions in a manner that (1) provides value to the client and (2) assists the r ...

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Emotional Considerations for Transitions

Time to Check-in and Frankly Address those Emotional Issues Seller’s remorse is real and not being emotionally prepared to transition the business is as dangerous as the value and financial matters. The emotional component of the sale/transition is worth considerably more than the money you will receive for the business. In this article, Edwin Mysogland shares the importance of addressing the emotional issu ...

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SEC Approves New PCAOB Audit Standards

On June 1, 2017 the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) adopted a new auditing standard to provide additional information to investors.  The new standard received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 23, 2017.  In this post, Rohan Bose, financial analyst with Mercer Capital, summarizes several of the major changes coming to audit reports in the near future. To read t ...

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Four Great Ways to Lose Talent

Is your firm inadvertently pushing its best staff out the door?  Mark Koziel, CPA, CGMA, explains the four most common mistakes to avoid to retain talent and to best use employees' skills. To read the full article in AICPA Insights, click: Four Great Ways to Lose Talent. ...

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Seven Tips for Managing Sideways

Accountants and business experts agree—if you want to create a stronger team, make a more substantial contribution to your company, and expand your sphere of influence, then you need to think outside the silo.  Eddie Huffman describes how CPAs need to focus more on connecting with and influencing their management peers, not just the people above and below them. To read the full article in the Journal of Acc ...

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Reasonableness of Shareholder/Executive Compensation

Challenging and Defending Compensation and Use of the Independent Investor Test C corporations and S corporations should pay shareholder/executive compensation based on the fair market value of the executive services rendered—or risk being audited and possibly penalized by the Internal Revenue Service. Forensic analysts can help companies determine reasonable shareholder/executive compensation using free or ...

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Valuation of Compensation for Physician Services

Medical Director Compensation This article is the fourth in a series involving current healthcare management issues. An in-depth article on this issue was published in The Value Examiner’s September/October 2017 issue. In that issue, the authors discuss issues setting forth medical director services and establishing defensible compensation arrangements. ...

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Four Etiquette Tips for Videoconference Calls

We have all had those cringe-worthy moments on videoconference calls when a colleague or customer forgets that we can see and hear everything they are doing.  It is hard to be our best selves all the time on screen, especially with videoconferences becoming more common as remote work arrangements and widespread teams become increasingly common.  Lori Sexton, CPA, CGMA, provides you with four considerations ...

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The Importance of Audit Planning

What is the purpose of audit planning if the audit may not ultimately follow the carefully thought out plan?  As may be inferred from Dwight D. Eisenhower's words—"Plans are worthless, but planning is everything"—the value of audit planning is not derived solely from the resulting audit plan.  Daniel Gartland, risk control consultant at CNA, describes the importance of detailed planning. To read the full ar ...

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CPAs Should Shift to Niche Services as Automation Takes Over

Accountants should focus on providing niche areas of service such as business valuation and retirement planning and move away from tasks including bookkeeping and financial reporting because automation and technological advances will take over much of their work.  Dominic Diongson, deputy editor for AccountingWEB, explains. To read the full article in AccountingWEB, click:  CPAs Should Shift to Niche Servic ...

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