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Assessing the Risk of Fraud in Your Organization

Don’t be a Victim of Fraud Fraud can affect virtually any organization and fraud costs can be far more than just monetary losses. The author discusses the recent Wells Fargo fraud investigation and shares her views regarding what makes for an effective risk identification program. The effects of fraud can go beyond simple dollar losses and include harm to the organization’s reputation, employee morale, lega ...

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Seeking the Seller’s Market: Family-Owned Businesses

Perils of Selling to Family Members and Delaying a Sale Now to Third Parties Are the increases in market multiples and the access to capital a sign of the impending surge of business exits? In this article, the author shares his views on selling to family members vis-à-vis to a non-heir third party, the perils of waiting to sell a business, discussing the valuation gap and seller’s expectations, and delayin ...

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Market Trends: 3Q17 Update

The first three quarters of 2017 were active for U.S. markets.  Major indices were characterized by low volatility and upward momentum against a backdrop of tightening monetary policy and strong economic indicators.  Private equity saw steady deal flow despite challenging market conditions, and record levels of venture capital deployment were seen amidst declining deal volume as capital continued to gravita ...

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How Revenue Recognition Changes are Affecting Preparers Like GE, Microsoft

FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board designed their converged revenue recognition standard to enhance comparability across industries.  But the standard has presented different implementation challenges to the various business sectors.  Ken Tysiac, Journal of Accountancy editorial director, explains. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: How Revenue Recognition Chan ...

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Tips for Giving While Living

Help Clients Kick-Start Their Charitable Efforts Here is a look at questions to ask and tactics to consider while working with clients who want to engage in charitable giving.  Among other strategies, clients may want to consider making multiyear gifts or donating to international causes.  The Adviser's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning, Volume 1, has an entire chapter dedicated to helping you learn ab ...

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ABOM Embezzlement

Fraudulent Billing/Cash Disbursement Schemes (Part II of III) This article represents the second of a three-part series discussing the potential for embezzlement within a firm or organization by its Accountant Bookkeeper Office Manager (ABOM). Part one discussed how the ABOM could mishandle incoming cash receipts to commit fraud. This article will be discussing how an ABOM can mishandle outgoing cash disbur ...

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Patent and Trademark Infringement Damages Calculations, Appraisal Actions and Denial of Suit Seeking a Purchase Price Adjustment

Case Law Four cases are presented in this article that provide valuation, litigation support professionals, and M&A advisors insight regarding how courts are addressing damages claims, challenges to experts, appraisal action challenges, and claims of fraud and breach of contract in connection with M&A transactions. Although the cases are from Delaware and California, they provide insight for readers ...

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Social Capital’s Backdoor Unicorn IPO

We have recently discussed the changing dynamics of the IPO market and startups’ shifting perspectives in regards to going public.  Public offerings have not all gone wrong this year, but latest rounds of unicorn IPO flops appear to have dampened some investors’ outlook on the traditional IPO route.  Nevertheless, unicorn investors still need liquidity and are turning to creative ways to get the IPO pipelin ...

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Five Reasons You Should Join a Professional Association

Personal commitment and synchronized teamwork is what it takes to be an active member of professional associations.  The work may not be physically challenging, but when you partner together and work towards a similar goal, you can achieve great things. To read the full article in CPA Practice Advisor, click: Five Reasons You Should Join a Professional Association. ...

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Two Types of Diversity Training that Really Work

Effective Exercises for Diversity Training Evidence suggests diversity training that asks employees to see the world from others' perspectives or to form specific goals is especially effective.  The personalities of employees might affect which techniques provide the best results for them. To read the full article in Harvard Business Review, click: Two Types of Diversity Training that Really Work. ...

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