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The Discount Period for the Terminal Value

Is Not Debatable This article explains why the undiscounted terminal value as of a future date must be discounted back by (a) N – 0.5 years when the traditional perpetuity method with a mid-period convention is used, (b) N years when the traditional perpetuity method with an end-of-period convention is used, or (c) N years when an exit multiple is used. ...

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Expert Witnesses

Are You Properly Insured? Expert witnesses face many of the same risks other businesses face; from first-party losses such as damage to property, to third-party losses from legal liability. While the nature of a business dictates specific insurance needs, most businesses carry a portfolio of insurance that includes property and business interruption, commercial general liability and excess liability, automo ...

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Four Skills Accountants Need to Succeed in a Tech-enabled Future

New duties will require plenty of understanding and good communication.  Many experts expect accountants' work and duties to change fundamentally in the coming years.  Technology will allow for a more complete audit that uses all available data rather than samples.  And the scrutinizing of anomalies will provide opportunities for auditors to provide more useful information to clients. To read the full artic ...

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The Worst Retirement Advice I Ever Gave

Five years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my career.  I gave some untimely advice to a new client and quickly realized the full impact our work can have on our clients’ lives—not just on their wallets. To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, click: The Worst Retirement Advice I Ever Gave. ...

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Virtual Reality in Wealth Management? It’s Happening.

When Bill Martin recently donned a pair of virtual reality goggles at Fidelity Investments’ client advisory council meeting in Boston, he was skeptical about whether the technology would be of any use for financial advisors.  But after a tour through the virtual world, Martin, chief investment officer at Wichita, Kansas-based INTRUST Bank, returned like Neo in "The Matrix," ready to see how deep the rabbit ...

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Official and Unofficial Rules of Engagement with the IRS

Mike Gregory Discusses the Newly Released Five in One Book on Business Valuations and the IRS In this article, Michael Gregory provides some thoughts of how the official IRS rules of engagement are different from the unofficial rules of engagement and introduces how to work with the IRS. The 38 examples in the book provides additional insight. Mike Gregory recommends the book to all business valuation firms ...

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The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

On Business Valuations The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) changes many aspects of how business analysts perform valuations. Upon passing of the TCJA, Jim Hitchner moved quickly to gather and disseminate information about the TCJA and its effect on business valuation. He has written two comprehensive articles in Issues 72 and 73 of Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert. The information in this article summ ...

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Public vs. Private Blockchains: What CPAs Should Know

If you or your organization is interested in adopting blockchain technology, you need to know the difference between public and private blockchains.  One might be a better option than the other.  This blog post can help you decide. To read the full article in AICPA Insights, click: Public vs. Private Blockchains: What CPAs Should Know. ...

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How Advisors Can Beat the Fee Compression Race

Triggered by the growing demand for greater value, the financial services industry is creating new categories of products and services that never existed, expanding access in ways that were never expected, providing greater transparency and simplicity—and driving down costs to unprecedented lows. To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, click: How Advisors Can Beat the Fee Compression Race. ...

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Which Independent Broker-Dealers Have the Highest Percentage of Women Advisors?

Women financial advisors stand a long way from equal footing with men in terms of hiring and pay—and independent broker-dealers are no exception to the industry-wide disparities. The average share of female registered representatives out of the total headcounts of the largest IBDs amounts to an estimated 17%, according to data submitted by firms for Financial Planning’s 33rd annual FP50 survey. To read the ...

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