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Expert Witness Exchange: CVAs

and Expert Witnessing In this article, the Expert Witness Exchange (EWE) discusses expert witness opportunities available to CVAs. As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), there is a vast array of employment opportunities you can pursue. One area that may not be as obvious is the ability to play a crucial role in our legal system. The knowledge and expertise CVAs have to offer is incredibly important and fre ...

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How to Write a Consistently

Good E-mail Newsletter In January, I asked: Are you a Digital Sharecropper? Are you relying solely on someone else’s digital platform (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to reach your audience of leads, prospects, clients, and referral sources? Many of you do … that is not a good thing … and I told you why. In February, I wrote about How to Build an E-mail List from Scratch. It all starts with personally an ...

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What Advisors Can Do About Inheritance Exploitation

Advisers have a few options for protecting elderly clients from people who may try to exploit them, such as abusive family members or caregivers. Here is a look at three scenarios in which clients may be victimized and advice for dealing with each one. To read the full article in Financial Advisor, click: What Advisors Can Do About Inheritance Exploitation. ...

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Reboot, Rewire or Retire? Personal Experiences with Phased Retirement and Managing a Life Portfolio

In addition to healthy financial portfolios, clients can benefit from "life portfolios" that can promote well-being and provide purpose in retirement. Life portfolios should address factors such as where retirees will live, their health needs, and the people who can give them support and companionship. Use The Adviser's Guide to Retirement and Elder Planning: Practical Retirement Planning to explore more pl ...

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Current Developments in S Corporations

This annual update on recent developments in taxation on S corporations from The Tax Adviser includes cases and rulings on eligible shareholders, electing small business trusts, inadvertent S election terminations, and changes made by the law known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. To read the full article in The Tax Advisor, click: Current Developments in S Corporations. ...

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The Size Effect Continues to be Relevant

When Estimating the Cost of Capital (Part I of III) In this paper, published in three parts with NACVA’s QuickRead, Roger Grabowski reviews the size effect, potential reasons why one observes the size effect, and correct common misconceptions and address criticisms of the Size Premia (SP). Throughout this paper, the author shows that using a pure market factor as the sole risk factor in estimating the expec ...

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Fresenius is the First (General) MAC in Delaware History (Part II of II) This is a follow-up article about the first seller that successfully terminated a deal in Delaware due to a MAC clause. The previous article addressed the General MAC clause. This article addresses the Regulatory MAC clause. Introduction This is a follow-up article about the first seller that successfully terminated a deal in Delaware ...

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Financial Elder Fraud Reports Quadruple; Amount Reaches $1.7 Billion

The number of reports of financial fraud against older adults has quadrupled since 2013, with 63,500 filed reports describing more than $1.7 billion in actual losses or attempted thefts in 2017, according to a report released by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. To read the full article in McKnight’s Senior Living, click: Financial Elder Fraud Reports Quadruple; Amount Reaches $1.7 Billion. ...

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How Advisors Should Approach Outsourcing

Outsourcing tasks such as technology, compliance and investment management can improve advisers' productivity and efficiency, a study found. Performing due diligence is key when choosing a provider. To read the full article in Financial Planning, click: How Advisors Should Approach Outsourcing. ...

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What You Need to Know About the Federal Opportunity Zone Program

The Qualified Opportunity Zone program has the potential to help investors lower their federal capital gains taxes while contributing to the development of areas that need support. Here is a look at several factors to consider, including which gains are eligible for the program and when a 1031 like-kind exchange may be preferable. Want more tips and resources to help with tax reform topics? PFP Section memb ...

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