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Ownership, Specificity, and Brevity

(OSB) The OSB technique is indispensable to establish veracity when hearing or reading questions and answers, such as deposition transcripts, expert report content and even daily conversation. You can (and should) use the OSB mnemonic in most of your public and private communications, including if you provide expert witness testimony. And, once you begin applying the technique you will find it indispensable ...

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Expert Witness Exchange: Expert Beware

Liability Claims May Follow In this article, the Expert Witness Exchange (EWE) discusses expert witness liability exposure. Expert witnesses provide a great service to our court system in the United States, as well as in many other countries around the world. They are often sought out by attorneys to offer their opinion in legal matters without having any personal stake in the outcome. Most of the time, exp ...

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Why the Market for Advisors has Never Been Better

Cerulli Associates estimates that there are just over 300,000 advisors in the U.S. This number has caused some hand-wringing in our industry—and, I’d argue, for the wrong reasons. Despite forecasts suggesting the advisory industry will shrink in the coming years, there’s plenty cause for optimism. To read the full article in Financial Planning, click: Why the Market for Advisors has Never Been Better. ...

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Tax Traps for Divorcing Clients

The surprise split of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie puts advisors on alert: Are you prepared with appropriate retirement and tax advice if your clients divorce? It’s unlikely that Bezos will have to crack open his Amazon 401(k) or IRA to get through this event. But for your average client, that’s exactly where most of their wealth may be. To read the full article in Financial Planning, click: ...

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74% of Users Don’t Know Facebook Records Their Ad Preferences

Facebook has been in the news quite a bit for its ad targeting over the past year, most notably with reports that the now-defunct Cambridge Analytica used improperly obtained data to develop “personality” profiles on U.S. voters and target ads toward them during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. But many users are still unaware what information Facebook actually collects for ad targeting purposes. To rea ...

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Private Equity Investments in the Healthcare Industry

Introduction: The Fundamentals of Private Equity (Part I of III) Why is private equity becoming increasingly involved in the business of healthcare? How will their involvement affect the delivery of services? This first installment of a three-part series will describe the fundamentals of the private equity industry, in general, and set forth a common terminology that will be utilized throughout the series. ...

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How to Build Your E-mail

List from Scratch Last month, I wrote about the hazards of being a digital sharecropper and the benefits of reaching your leads, prospects, clients, and referral sources with your platform—like a newsletter or blog. But first you must have a list of people to send it to, and several of you asked how I got started. Let’s talk about that this month. Last month, I wrote about the hazards of being a digital sha ...

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Proposed Rules Would Exempt Corporate U.S. Shareholders from Sec. 956

The IRS issued proposed regulations that Sec. 956, which requires an income inclusion by U.S. shareholders of controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) that invest in U.S. property, should not apply to corporate shareholders. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Proposed Rules Would Exempt Corporate U.S. Shareholders from Sec. 956. ...

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19 Trends to Watch in 2019

Macroeconomic trends and matters of convenience will move advisors, assets, and markets this year in the ever-changing wealth management space. To read the full article in Financial Planning, click: 19 Trends to Watch in 2019. ...

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Potential 2019 Tax Changes Your Wealthy Clients Need to Know About

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has provided certain advantages for clients, including a 20% deduction for qualified business income and a higher standard deduction. But a cap on deductions for state and local taxes and a different method for determining inflation adjustments could create challenges. "The TCJA has given wealthy taxpayers some interesting changes to their return," noted Scott Kadrlik, CPA, PFS. To ...

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