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Using the Option Pricing Method Changes the Standard of Value

Does the IRS or Anyone Care? (Part I of II) In part one of this two-part article, the author presents the two methods for allocating value to common stock for 409a valuations, and then show how they affect the pricing of common stock. By way of background, to meet FMV, the standard of value requires measuring value under the representation of a hypothetical willing buyer and a hypothetical willing seller, b ...

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Does it Matter Who Drives Uber?

Acknowledged king of the unicorns, Uber has raised over $8.8 billion of private funding since its founding in 2009, most recently at an equity value reported to be on the order of $70 billion.  In the wake of a highly-publicized internal investigation of the culture at the ride-sharing firm and a recent personal tragedy, founder Travis Kalanick is reportedly contemplating a three-month leave of absence from ...

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IRS Notice Response Tips Everyone Should Know

Knowing what to do when your client receives a notice from the Internal Revenue Service can be a useful skill.  Here are 13 pointers, from what to do when the IRS sends a notice of deficiency to whether to extend the statute of limitation. To read the full article in The Tax Adviser, click: IRS Notice Response Tips Everyone Should Know. ...

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Three Tips to Manage Sustainability Risks and Drive Value

Having a holistic understanding of your company's financial situation and value drivers is necessary to assess the organization’s performance, risks, challenges, and opportunities and drive long-term growth.  Learn three ways finance professionals can manage environmental, social, and governance risks. To read the full article in AICPA Insights, click: Three Tips to Manage Sustainability Risks and Drive Val ...

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Protect Yourself from Anti-Kickback Penalties

What Physicians Don’t Know About Their Agreements Could Hurt Them Nearly 45 years after the enactment of the federal Anti-Kickback Statute, it is still not uncommon to hear of physicians facing bribery allegations, large settlement amounts, and even jail time for breaking the statute’s anti-fraud measures. While evolving case law has certainly added to the complexities and prevalence of the statute’s enforc ...

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The Importance of Forensic Accounting

Analysis in Matrimonial Matters As forensic accountants, we may be called upon to determine the value of the marital estate. Frequently, we either receive an avalanche of documents or very few documents. How do we distinguish what is valuable versus what is not? Why is the information so important in our forensic analysis of the case? In this article, the author answers these questions and shares her experi ...

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IPO Supply and Demand

The stock market rallied in the first five months of the year, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 reaching record highs and continuing to climb.  Megan Richards, financial analyst with Mercer Capital, explains though, that IPOs remain scarce compared to prior years. To read the full article in Mercer Capital's Financial Reporting Blog, click: IPO Supply and Demand. This article is republished from Mercer Ca ...

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Leveraged Spinoffs Removed From IRS No-Ruling List

The Internal Revenue Service issued a revenue procedure stating that it will once again issue letter rulings to taxpayers on whether a corporate reorganization in which debt is issued before a spinoff qualifies for nonrecognition treatment, which it has not ruled on since 2013.  Sally Schreiber, senior editor for Tax Adviser, explains. To read the full article in The Tax Adviser, click: Leveraged Spinoffs R ...

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How to Talk to Your Clients About Selling a Business

Whether it be retiring, shift in life path, or just moving in a different direction, Financial Planning presents a video on what to discuss with your clients and their all-important decision to sell. To read the full article in Financial Planning, click: How to Talk to Your Clients About Selling a Business. ...

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