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Common Adjustments in the Due Diligence Process

Conducting Financial Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings Analysis Financial due diligence and quality of earnings reports provide a third-party analysis of a target company’s current financial position and historical financial performance. When evaluating a potential business acquisition, it is crucial to understand the nature and magnitude of the business’ cash flows. Whether from the perspective of the ...

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Pay for Delay

Quantifying the Lost Opportunity of Being First (Generic Entrant) to Market The authors in this article explore the scale of first mover advantage in generic pharmaceuticals and the methods behind quantifying the value of being first generic to market, or the loss when being prevented from doing so. They discuss, how much is it worth to be the first generic entrant to the market? Introduction The recent Eur ...

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Task List

For When a Client Wants to Buy a Business The authors in this article share a checklist developed and provided to firm clients contemplating buying a business. The following are key steps involved when a client wants to buy a business. Buyers and their advisors can use this list as a timeline and road map of the steps that are expected to occur, and what they should plan on doing. A companion posting for cl ...

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How Do You Recover

the Cost of Your Reference Library? Now, there is an abundance of print and online resources that have greatly improved both our report preparation efficiency and effectiveness. Simply put, we have access to better information and are more productive in our engagements. Certainly, clients benefit from that increased access and productivity, but it comes at our ever-growing out-of-pocket library expense. So ...

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The Internet is Growing Up

The Future is Here This article describes the background, concepts behind, and implications of blockchain technology deployment for commercial, governmental, and personal use. QuickRead readers are aware of proposals to move entirely away from cash (bills and coins) for daily transactions. Such a move is expected to create a major inconvenience for those without access to credit cards and basic banking serv ...

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What Professional Services Firms’ Websites Get Wrong

Five Ways Professional Services Websites Fall Short (Part I of II) Business leaders today know that how a firm’s website is planned and organized matters more than ever. What worked well enough five years ago to separate your firm from your competition may simply not work today. At Hinge, we audit hundreds of professional services websites a year—and we see many of the same mistakes repeated. In this articl ...

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The Quick-Reference Guide

to Business Valuation for Attorneys Investors who hold publicly traded securities have the luxury of knowing the value of their investment at virtually any time. An internet connection and a few clicks of a mouse are all it takes to get an up-to-date stock quote. Of all U.S. companies, however, less than 1 percent are publicly traded, meaning that most companies are privately held. Investors in privately he ...

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R.D. Clark and Sons, Inc., et al. v. James Clark, et al.

Connecticut Appellate Court Affirms Trial Court’s Decision Not to Tax-Affect Earnings In a dispute over the buyout of the minority shares in a family business, the Connecticut appellate court addressed several important valuation issues. Notably, the appellate court upheld the trial court’s decision not to tax-affect the company’s earnings in determining the fair value of the shares, even though both the pl ...

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Expert Assignments and the Impact of COVID-19 COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the global economy. As the economic crisis deepened, the Wall Street Journal reported, “The nation’s bankruptcy industry is bracing for a wave of business collapses triggered by the coronavirus pandemic as its ranks have been thinned by a decade of economic growth.” Working on business bankruptcy assignments in 2020 will pre ...

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Employee and Executive Compensation and Benefits

Popular Plans to Incentivize and Retain Talent Employees and executives can get added compensation in addition to their salaries. In some cases, these benefits could exceed the salary. Most of these benefits are contractual and, where there is a discretionary element, it is usually awarded by the board of directors. This article provides a round up listing of the more popular benefits. Not included are stan ...

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