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Forth Quarter CEO Message

CEO’s Message—Fourth Quarter 2012

Parnell Black
Chief Executive Officer

Brien K. Jones
Accepts Promotion to: Executive Vice President of Business Development


Here’s to a Bright Future

NACVA headquarters (HQ) is always moving and shaking, but seldom, if ever, do I talk with you about the details of our inner workings. It is not because I fear boring you, because HQ is truly an invigorating place to be. We are a very dynamic organization—constantly changing with always something new and forever moving forward. Frankly, the reason I do not offer much about HQ is because there is so much going on that I would not know where to begin or where to end.

However, I do have HQ news I’m excited to share that is truly worthy. Effective immediately, Brien K. Jones, our former Director of Education and Conferences, and with whom most members are familiar, has been promoted to NACVA/CTI Executive Vice President of Business Development. His promotion acknowledges him for his 15 years of excellent service with NACVA and the CTI, but more importantly, acknowledges him for his proven leadership skills building our educational programs and cultivating an enviable team spirit both within our HQ ranks and with and between our training partners, and of paramount importance—within our membership.



Reporting to the CEO, the Executive Vice President (EVP) will provide firm-wide leadership, strategy, operations and management. The EVP will work with the CEO to continually refine and implement the strategic growth plans to expand and further position NACVA/CTI (‘company, organization’) as a leader in its field on a national and global scale.


He will have the responsibility to work with the CEO, leadership teams, and all employees to execute and accomplish the goals/metrics of the strategic plans put forth by the Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Board (EAB). Responsibilities include oversight and leadership in marketing, business development, and operations of the company, including all divisions and departments. It is expected that the EVP will skillfully balance internal management with external leadership, leading to healthy business development and greater visibility to support the growth goals of the organization. While primarily managing the organization’s activities in the ares of education he will work to foster an environment of accountability, excellence, collaboration, and innovation among HQ staff and will support fiscal responsibility.



Company-wide Leadership
Guides and directs, as required, HQ departments and teams, including internal and external development teams, directors and managers, human resource functions, and marketing and public relations. He will coach and develop individual leadership within company teams and support management succession planning. The EVP is expected to lead the execution and results of key aspects of the strategic plan to ensure growth targets are met and is expected to actively lead and support a positive, proactive, results-oriented work culture that is regarded by peers and stakeholders as innovative and demonstrative of organizational values.


Marketing/Business Development
Works with CEO and Marketing Departmenr to ensure the company’s marketing plan is consistently executed in support of growth strategies and support to the organization’s membership. The EVP supports the development and execution of national business/sector development plans and monitors results. He will lead the development and execution of NACVA/CTI’s strategic alliance planning and partnering process, and ensure that initiatives and policies are executed in the best interests of the organization and its members for both the short and long terms. The EVP will provide visible corporate leadership with potential and existing contacts in all market sectors. Working with HQ management staff, he will maintain and reinforce the company’s ongoining dialog with key members. These responsibilities will be facilitated through participation in the development and execution of key presentations on behalf of, and promoting, the company’s interests. The EVP will spearhead the development of personal relationships and networking opportunities with allied market leaders, consultants, and other professionals.

Supports the operations of the company to achieve targeted key performance indicators. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining the operating results dashboard/process in areas of education specifically, and in other areas of influence, working with HQ leadership teams to make real-time adjustments to meet targets. The EVP will provide guidance and oversight in preparation of project understandings/parameters, schedules, budgets, fee proposals, and negotiations. This includes overseeing the process for ensuring proper plans are in place, scheduling timeframes and deadlines, staffing and compliance in the execution of projects including resolution/coordination between departments, and ensuring that quality processes are in place for all departments specific to their project requirements. The EVP works with the CEO and leadership teams for approval of additional staffing based on strategic and resource planning requirements. Coupled with this, he will help to ensure there is a company-wide development and training plan for all personnel. Working with IT, he will participate and provide leadership in the development and implementation of a company-wide strategy for advancing technology within an infrastructure to support long-term growth.

He will carry the point position for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with key consultants, alliance partners, and service providers, including execution of contracts within his authority. The EVP leads the development and implementation of a company-wide internal communication strategy to ensure there is a collaborative work environment both within and between affiliates that is inclusive of all stakeholders both internal and external to the organization.

You should know, as his first order of business, Brien crafted his own job description demonstrating his keen awareness of our organization and my needs, as well as how he could play a more critical and vital role in what is by all accounts a Bright Future.

Please join me in congratulating Brien and wishing him great success.
Thank you.


Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer

The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) supports the users of business and intangible asset valuation services and financial forensic services, including damages determinations of all kinds and fraud detection and prevention, by training and certifying financial professionals in these disciplines.

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