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You and Stress Is work stress inevitable? Something that professionals need to embrace and live with, like it, or not? How does an organization or management know if stress is affecting the well-being of its employees? In this article, Nancy Yeend shares a process management can employ to answer these and other questions. ...

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What Drives Business Value?

SPARC the Analysis and Shine Have you ever asked your clients what drives the value of their businesses? If they feel comfortable that they know what drives their business’ value, have you ever asked them why it does? In this article, first of a two part series, Sarah von Helfenstein shares her thoughts on the kinds of things that we, as business analysts and appraisers, should consider when assessing busin ...

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Tax ID Theft Victims may Obtain Copies of Fraudulent Returns

IRS will Provide Tax ID Victims Copies of Fraudulent Returns The Internal Revenue Service announced procedures for victims of tax ID theft or their authorized representative to request copies of bogus returns filed by identity thieves.  This change of policy will allow identity theft victims to better assess what personal information was compromised and how it was used.  Paul Bonner, JofA senior editor, dis ...

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Maximize Proceeds in Accounting Firm Sales

Get Top Value When Selling an Accounting Firm Avoiding these seven key misconceptions can help you avoid getting less than your firm is worth.  Harry L. Olson, president of Accounting Broker Acquisition Group Inc., discusses the misconceptions and what pitfalls to look out for. To find out more about this Journal of Accountancy article, click: Maximize Proceeds in Accounting Firm Sales. ...

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Dissenting Shareholders and Bank Appraisals: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Being on the rise, dissenting actions are catching the eye of investors, attorneys, and other deal makers.  Jay D. Wilson, Jr., senior member of Mercer Capital’s Depository Institutions practice, takes a look at why it is important an appraiser preparing a valuation of a bank in an appraisal action understand both valuation techniques and the banking industry. To read more about the results of this report i ...

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Separating Personal Goodwill from Entity Goodwill in the Closely Held Company Valuation

Guidance from Bross Trucking v. Commissioner (2014) Valuation analysts often have to separate company-owned entity goodwill from shareholder-owned personal goodwill in the valuation of closely held companies. These valuations may be performed for family law, shareholder dispute, breach of contract, or other litigation purposes; for transaction structuring and sale consideration allocation purposes; and for ...

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