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Non-GAAP Measures: The SEC Updates Interpretation of Disclosure Regulations

While observers appear to be increasingly worried about the proliferating use of non-GAAP measures, a useful debate on non-GAAP measures would probably focus on the nature of their presentation within various disclosures rather than whether or not they should be outlawed altogether.  Sujan Rajbhandary, vice president, senior member of Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group, explains. To read t ...

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The Cost to Obtain Liquidity

Studies in the Closely Held Company Valuation (Part II of II) In the first part of this two-part discussion, the author identified six transaction risk factors attempting to sell a controlling (including 100 percent) interest in a closely held company. Those included: 1) an uncertain time horizon to complete the offering or sale; 2) “Make ready” accounting, legal, and other costs to prepare for and execute ...

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You Need to Talk to Your Doctor About How You Want to Die

Why Clients Need to Discuss End-of-Life Care Baby boomers are at the forefront of the conversation around end-of-life planning, which should include discussing end-of-life treatments with family members and physicians, and designating health care proxies.  Elizabeth O’Brien, retirement reporter, also suggests reviewing elder planning tools and resources, which includes a free consumer End of Life Guide. To ...

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Fed Keeps Rates Steady and Says Labor Market is Improving

Rate Hike Pause is Good News for Leveraged Closed-End Funds The Federal Reserve held steady on interest rates last week, not long after Fed chief Janet Yellen indicated officials would "proceed cautiously."  This could benefit leveraged closed-end funds.  These funds tend to be more volatile than other financial products, Binyamin Appelbaum explains, but they may be a smart investment for people with a long ...

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5 Things to Consider Under the New Lease Accounting Standards

How to Prepare for the Lease Accounting Standard The new lease accounting standard could have a significant impact on companies' balance sheets after it takes effect.  Chris Hatten, CPA, and Nicole Riley, CPA, with PKF Texas discuss five things companies can do to prepare. To read the full article in the Houston Business Journal, click: 5 Things to Consider Under the New Lease Accounting Standards. ...

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Tax Court Rules of What Constitutes a Gift in the Context of a Split-Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Estate of Morrissette v. Commissioner, 146 T.C. No. 11 (April 13, 2016) The Tax Court’s ruling in Morrissette is very important to the estate planning community, in that, intergenerational split-dollar life insurance arrangements have become much more popular since the IRS released its final split-dollar regulations in 2003. Yet, widespread use of this technique has been suppressed by uncertainty with respe ...

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