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Three Things to Keep When you Tackle Clutter

Tackle the Clutter, but Keep the Good Stuff: 3 Tips for Saving Keepsakes Decluttering has never been more in vogue.  Eliminating extra stuff rewards you with clear shelves and even a clearer mind.  But before you hit delete or put it in the trash bin, Ann Marie Maloney, communications manager at AICPA, says consider these suggestions for what to keep and how to keep it so you can still enjoy it (and identif ...

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Will Planned Derivatives Accounting Changes Stem Flow of Restatements, Improve Risk Management?

New Accounting Rules Could Encourage use of Derivatives Changes to accounting rules for derivatives may prompt companies to start using reasonable derivative-based risk-management tools, said Jim Kroeker of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.  Kroeker suggested this was one possible benefit of FASB's proposal for hedge accounting, which could be issued in September. To read the full article in Bloombe ...

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Advisers to Clients: Don’t Hide the Wealth

Don't Lose This Important Group of Clients The majority of children who inherit money don't retain their parents' advisers.  Joe Sicchitano, from SunTrust Bank, discusses how advisers and clients can take several steps to avoid this outcome, such as proactively communicating and working early to establish a relationship. To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, click: Advisers to Clients: Don’t Hide t ...

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The Top Six Strategies for Generating Leads on Your Website

Upgrade Your Website to Develop a Measurable Market Advantage What strategies should professional service firms adopt to market their expertise? What impact do online leads have on the bottom line? Where should a firm place premium content? What can a firm do to minimize overt marketing? In this article, Dr. Lee Frederiksen of Hinge Marketing shares six strategies to improve your website, drive traffic, and ...

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The Court Has Spoken

You’re In or You’re Out (Part VII of VII) Will your testimony be admissible? Inadmissible? This series was written to help newly minted (and experienced) experts be mindful of Daubert, or a state’s own variation of Daubert or Frye throughout the litigation process. The key points made include: remember to only accept cases that you are qualified for, ensure you have a sound methodology in which to form your ...

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