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Referral Marketing

Our Top Seven Ideas for Accounting and Financial Services The author discusses findings from a Hinge Research Institute (HRI) conducted with 523 professional services firms regarding why firms do not get more referrals. One interesting finding was why firms do not get more referrals. HRI found that in 72% of cases, the answer is simple: no one asked them. HRI also learned that 81.5% of service providers hav ...

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What Can be Done About Bullies at Work?

Ted, a senior VP at a large media company, was famous for publicly deriding and humiliating others.  Working for him was like walking on eggshells, as he could fly into a rage over the most trivial matters.  He would also impose deadlines designed to set his staff up for failure.  To top off his bullying behavior, he expected his staff to work 24/7, leading many to complain about stress-related problems.  T ...

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The Ultra Rich are Turning to This Key Tax-Cutting Tool

Many of the biggest beneficiaries of President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul have not even been born yet.  The new law doubles the amount that can be passed to heirs without worrying about estate and gift taxes, to about $22 million for a married couple.  But the thresholds are in place only until 2025, and the ultra-rich are turning to a key tool—the dynasty trust—to secure the financial futures of their gra ...

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Advisor Gets Prison for $4.7M Fraud of NFL Star

When an NFL-athlete client heard about the alleged fraud of star quarterback Vince Young in 2012, former advisor Kenneth Ray Cleveland used it to his advantage.  “Saw that, but it is like I said this morning in my text message, you get the credit for your financial success,” Cleveland wrote in a 2012 e-mail to former Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Cory Redding.  “Dare I say Vince Young is every bit as ...

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