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The Due Diligence Imperative

Technology This article provides a peek at one of the six-part healthcare installments and provides an overview of the due diligence imperative for valuation professionals, in the context of the Four Pillars of Healthcare Value, i.e., Reimbursement, Regulatory, Technology, and Competition. The second, third, and fourth installments, already published, reviewed the due diligence process related to the reimbu ...

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The Financial Expert

Often the Link Between Damages and Causation Even with established liability, a plaintiff seeking damages must be able to calculate damages with reasonable certainty and demonstrate a causal link between the defendant’s acts and the plaintiff’s injury. The concept of causation is simple—did a defendant’s wrongful act cause the plaintiff’s damages? Proving causation, however, is not always as simple. Many ti ...

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OECD Publishes 77 Comments on Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Intra-Group Services, Dispute Resolution

Writing on behalf of BIAC, Will Morris said that many MNEs that have centralized intra-group services centers expend significant sums supporting audits for intra-group payments. He said the goal for this project should be to create clear, simplified, rules and safe harbors, where possible. Existing guidance should be clarified, not expanded, he said. To read the full article in MNE Tax, click: OECD Publishe ...

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FP&A Meets Artificial Intelligence

One purpose of artificial intelligence (AI) is to capture, manage, and analyze amounts of data too large for less advanced technology to handle, and to produce insights faster and more accurately than people can. While AI promises to help businesses prepare better for potential opportunities and risks, the technology presents a challenge for management accountants in financial planning and analysis (FP& ...

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Add Value to Audits with Client-Focused Analytics

Accounting services are rapidly becoming commoditized, and when clients don’t perceive a clear difference between service providers, they may choose the least expensive option. This is especially true for audit services, where clients—as well as auditors themselves—may see little difference between the work of competing firms. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Add Value to Audits wi ...

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Developing a Customized

Referral Marketing Strategy The author discusses how professionals should go about creating a customized referral marketing strategy. It begins by choosing a focus. Next, it involves the creation and posting of educational content that creates a clear connection between prospects’ challenges and your firm’s expertise. The key is creating the funnel content. The author describes the steps to create such funn ...

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Failure to Abandon U.S. Residency Leads to Tax Liability

People planning to expatriate can do a number of things to avoid this result.  German citizen's failure to establish that he was a resident of Germany meant that he was a "covered expatriate" for Sec. 877A purposes and therefore liable for tax on stock sale gains that would otherwise have been exempt under the United States–Germany tax treaty. To read the full article in The Tax Advisor, click: Failure to A ...

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How to Speak up More at Work

Assertiveness can help improve your productivity and career opportunities.  No one can hear your idea if you're only thinking it.  Many people are content to stay in a comfortably passive nest in the workplace, rather than assert themselves.  But even reserved people have good reason to speak up, for both themselves and the companies they work for. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, cli ...

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