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Valuation of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

In an Era of Reform (Part I of II) As demand for healthcare services continues to grow, the site at which these services are performed is experiencing a simultaneous transformation from the inpatient (e.g., hospital) setting to the outpatient setting. This transformation is being driven by factors such as: (1) technological advancements; (2) an increasingly consumer-driven and convenience-driven healthcare ...

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Are You a Modern-Day Digital Sharecropper?

Or, Why Aren’t You Hosting Your Own Content? (Part I of III) Many of us create content for, and market on, social media platforms—like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The questions are: Is this a dangerous practice? And if so, what should we be doing instead? Many of us create content for, and market on, social media platforms, like: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The questions are: Is ...

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Trim Tax Tabs with These Year-End Moves: Tax Strategy Scan

With the year coming to a close, Kiplinger offers last-minute tips for retirees to enhance their tax savings this year. Clients nearing retirement will need to revise their tax-saving strategies, as some tax breaks are no longer available and replaced by new ones, thanks to the new tax law, according to Kiplinger. For example, these clients should consider running the numbers based on standard deduction and ...

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Advisor Shortage? What Advisor Shortage?

Excuse me, did Todd Thomson just say there too many financial advisors, not too few? Puncturing one of the RIA industry’s most widely-accepted axioms, the Dynasty Financial Partners chairman did indeed make that assertion at the recent MarketCounsel Summit in Las Vegas. Contrary to ominous reports of a talent shortage, Thomson said, too many advisors are serving too few clients. To read the full article in ...

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Google is Spending $1 Billion to Build a Massive New Campus in New York

Days after Apple announced a major expansion to its operations in the U.S.—including a new $1 billion campus in Austin—fellow tech giant Google has announced that it too will invest $1 billion as it sets up a new campus at Hudson Square in New York. To read the full article in Tech Crunch, click: Google is Spending $1 Billion to Build a Massive New Campus in New York. ...

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A Valuation Practitioner’s Musings

on Corporate Income Taxes What corporate tax rate should valuation practitioners use going forward given the current environment? Despite corporate rates being “permanent”, is that so?! How should practitioners handle temporary differences? How do we decode a financial statement? In this article, the author shares his thoughts on how valuation professionals should approach a valuation engagement in this unc ...

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Writing a Blog Post

In Nine Easy Steps You have probably heard how helpful it can be to write blogs, either for yourself or your valuation and accounting firm. If you have never written one, the challenge can seem daunting. But you probably will find it easier than you think—especially if you follow these steps. The article outlines the steps; these are based on a How-To Guide from Hinge University, their online learning platf ...

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Brexit Bulletin: A Deal, and Then the Drama

The EU is making increasingly positive noises that a Brexit deal is within reach. But don’t breathe easy just yet—there are still battles to come when Prime Minister Theresa May brings her deal back to Parliament. To read the full article in Bloomberg, click: Brexit Bulletin: A Deal, and Then the Drama. ...

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Regulatory Fatigue? FATCA Inaction May Risk Noncompliance

Eight years after Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA, which was enacted as part of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act, P.L. 111-147) to address the potential for tax evasion, lack of planning in response to evolving FATCA guidance may be putting some financial institutions at risk of noncompliance and potentially steep penalties. To read the full article in The Tax Ad ...

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