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The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) supports the users of business and intangible asset valuation services and financial forensic services, including damages determinations of all kinds and fraud detection and prevention, by training and certifying financial professionals in these disciplines.

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What is in a Purchase Price?

It is all Based on Your Perspective In this article, the author presents three common ways that a single purchase price may be calculated and presented. With football season on the horizon, I cannot help but think about September 24, 2013—a night that many football fans will not soon forget. The Seattle Seahawks were playing the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. The game was going down to the wire ...

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Finding “True North” in Recent Delaware Appraisal Cases

Is it the Market or the Model? Petitioners in Delaware appraisal cases must necessarily argue that fair value exceeds the deal price. In contrast, financial economists tend to view prices from a well-functioning market as “true north” when valuing a stock. Valuation models—such as a discounted cash flow (DCF) model—+can be important tools but are known to be sensitive to their numerous inputs. When such a m ...

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Lessons from Lease Accounting Implementation

With the effective date for the new IFRS lease accounting standard fast approaching, companies are wading through a number of challenging issues related to lease identification, data extraction, and software implementation. To read the full article in Financial Management, click: Lessons from Lease Accounting Implementation. ...

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China’s High-Speed Rail Network has Been Low Speed in Adoption—But That’s Set to Change

In just over a decade, China has created the world’s largest high-speed rail network Now passenger use is expected to catch up due to rapid industrialization, wanderlust and rising incomes To read the full article in South China Morning Post, click: China’s High-Speed Rail Network has Been Low Speed in Adoption—But That’s Set to Change. ...

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A Method for Calculating

The Excess Earnings Capitalization Rate This article presents a method for calculating the capitalization rate for excess earnings. The good news is that this capitalization rate can be calculated. The bad news is that with the calculated excess earnings capitalization rate, the excess earnings method gives the same value as the single period capitalization method under the Income Approach, i.e., the excess ...

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Are You a Vitamin or a Painkiller?

One Has Traction with Prospects, the Other Does Not Any product/service can almost always be viewed as either a vitamin or a painkiller. Which do you (or your firm) offer? Any product/service can almost always be viewed as either a vitamin or a painkiller. Which do you (or your firm) offer? BVFLS Services Can be Either Vitamins or Painkillers What’s the difference? Kind of obvious, but vitamins: Are conditi ...

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How to Value

Privately Held Promissory Notes How should a privately held promissory note be valued? In this article Bruce Johnson answers this question. Bruce notes that the key issues to consider when valuing a privately held promissory note are the interest rate, amortization term, collateral, payment history, covenants and marketability of the note being valued. Once this information is assessed, an appraiser can con ...

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The Seven Steps of Mastering

an Effective Elevator Pitch Professionals in the accounting, valuation, and finance sectors frequently struggle with a deceptively simple task: describing in a few words what their firm does and how it stands apart from the competition. If you, the reader, have experienced this difficulty, you can make it easier on yourself by having a thoughtful and concise elevator pitch ready to deploy when the opportuni ...

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Memo to Managers: Practice What You Preach

Strong management goes beyond ethical behavior, efficiency, and carrying out company strategy—even though each of those is important. Managers are a key reason that employees show up to work engaged or not. Managers can live their values, set clear expectations on schedules, engage in two-way communication, and more. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Memo to Managers: Practice What ...

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We All Have a ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. But is Technology Meeting Them?

The world looked very different in 1943, when the psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” model was first published. The world was just in the early stages of realizing the potential of computing power, which codebreakers would use to help bring an end to the world war. Fast forward to 2019, and we stand on the brink of another seismic shift: the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Amid a picture of fu ...

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Fair Market Value Considerations for Rural Health Clinics

Technology (Part V of V) Over the past decade, there has been a rapid adoption of technological innovations in the U.S., which has fundamentally changed the healthcare delivery system, improving the quality of patient care, as well as the efficiency of healthcare processes and practices. Research indicates that implementation of healthcare information technology (HIT) may lead to improved efficiency and qua ...

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Valuation Discounts

Applicable to Real Estate Holding Companies (Part II of II) In this second of a two-part series published in QuickRead August 01, 2019, the author discusses valuation discounts applicable to real estate holding companies and the incremental adjustments in the valuation of partial, non-controlling interests. After discussing the application of a minority discount or discount for lack of control (DLOC) in the ...

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Are Deepfakes Invading the Office?

In the most recent developer release of Apple's iOS 13 there is a feature called FaceTime Attention Correction that creates the impression that a user is staring directly at their device's camera. It is not entirely clear how this effect is achieved, but it is possible that Apple is applying real-time video techniques to distort images so that eye-contact between callers on video is improved. To read the fu ...

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‘We Were Just Conned,’ Client Says of Advisor’s Alleged $8M Ponzi Scheme

About a decade ago, Harriet and Jeffrey Taniyama went in search of a financial planner "just to make sure we were headed in the right direction" with respect to retirement, Harriet Taniyama says. The one they found, a former FINRA-licensed advisor named Christopher Dougherty in San Diego, persuaded them that they not only had enough money to retire but also to invest in his own ventures, including an organi ...

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Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next Five Years

Many of the world’s biggest companies, from Silicon Valley tech firms to large European banks, are bracing for the prospect that climate change could substantially affect their bottom lines within the next five years, according to a new analysis of corporate disclosures. To read the full article in The New York Times, click: Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next Five Years. ...

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