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Practice Management Companies Look to ACOs for Growth

Practice Management Companies Look to ACOs for Growth  Physician practice management companies are forging ahead with expansion plans into new areas of hospital-based medicine as they position themselves to participate in accountable care organizations and other aspects of health system reform, reports Victoria Stagg Elliott at American Medical News. The companies are not buying primary care and other outpa ...

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Adjusting, More M.D.’s Add M.B.A.

Adjusting, More M.D.’s Add M.B.A. Under heavy pressure from government regulators and insurance companies, more and more physicians across the country are learning to think like entrepreneurs, reports Milt Freudenheim at the New York Times: “All physicians need some kind of business training,” she said. “For example, some physicians with large research grants don’t know how to manage the money.” As for the ...

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Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Survey Reports Top Challenges

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Survey Reports Top Challenges MGMA members were asked to identify top management challenges, and the results of the 2011 survey are in:    See what MGMA members had to say about the results in the July MGMA Connexion. Compare this year's results with previous years. Read the story behind the numbers and see how challenges are ranked by applicability. ...

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The Accountable Care Fiasco

The Accountable Care Fiasco That's what the Wall Street Journal calls the state of developing real-world guidelines for "the Accountable Care Organizations that are supposed to be the crown jewel of cost-saving reform." The theory for ACOs, as they're known, is that hospitals, primary-care doctors and specialists will work more efficiently in teams, like at the Mayo Clinic and other top U.S. hospitals. ACOs ...

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