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The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®) has been educating and credentialing CPAs and other financial advisors to support business owners in understanding the value of their business for the past quarter century. NACVA’s  global Certified Valuation Analyst® (CVA®) designation is the most widely recognized valuation credential and the only business valuation credential accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies® (NCCA®).

How to Set up Buy-Sell Agreements

Recommended Valuation Process for Buy-Sell Agreements: Single Appraiser Chris Mercer tells how to set up a Buy-Sell Agreement for closely held and family businesses. He identifies three key procedures: Owners should select an appraiser for their business when they create the Buy-Sell, that appraiser should offer an initial baseline valuation for the Buy-Sell, and the named appraiser should continue to value ...

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Considering the Fair Market Value Standard When Evaluating Fractional Interests

Why There is No Such Thing as a Minority Premium Robert Buchanan of PCE Valuations writes about the application of discounts to fractional interests and argues that some appraisers are mistaken when they assert that certain levels of discounts amount to a “minority premium” for certain non-controlling interests. Here’s the logic behind his thinking. Be sure to read Mr. Buchanan's whole argument at HERE. Her ...

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Bankruptcy Court Upholds Tax Credits in Appraisal of Apartment Buildings —Appraisal Institute

Five Limited Partnerships Owned Real Estate Complexes Built in Accordance with Federal Low Income Housing Guidelines  The Appraisal Institute Newsletter notes that Bankruptcy cases assigning value to apartment buildings owned by debtors are required to include the value of remaining low-income housing tax credits.  The news was originally reported by Bloomberg BNA on July 3. A valuation order setting market ...

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Valuing David Einhorn’s Portfolio—The Discounted Cash Flow Model —NASDAQ Community Site

GuruFocus Adds New Valuation Tab to Site; New Feature Automatically Calculates DCF Valuation.  What are Top 10 The Nasdaq Community site notes the appearance of a new Valuation tab at its GuruFocus web site.  Learn about how DCF analysis works, why it's considered a reliable method of analysis, and view some top current stock picks of an investor who uses the method:    ...

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Sub-100M Revenue Companies are Having More Successful IPOs than Big-ledger Counterparts —IPO Dashboards

73% of Tech IPOs Aren't Profitable When They Go Public, But Smaller Companies (e.g., Zillow, Bazaarvoice, Jive Software) Fare Better Post IPO Bigger isn’t always better, at least when it comes to initial public offerings, GeekWire reports. A new report out from Tableau Software’s Daniel Hom, editor of the IPO Dashboards blog, finds that smaller tech companies, described as having fewer than $100 million in ...

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Twelve Factors to Determine When to Take and When to Avoid Risk

A Smart Approach to Board Level Risk Management As the economy recovers, companies that cut costs or deferred spending at the bottom of the recession are now looking to reinvest: in hiring, new debt, facilities or equipment, or business acquisitions. How much risk is too much?  This presentation details critical internal and external factors to examine. ...

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Keys to Effective Presentation: Graphical Illustration of Quantitative Data

How to graphically illustrate ratio analysis as a way to enhance and simplify summary findings. A key to providing clients with effective valuation reports—and persuading jurors as an expert witness—is the ability to provide quantitative analysis in a compelling visual fashion. Here, Greg Gadawski and Darrell Dorrell provide an example of how to graphically illustrate ratio analysis as a way to enhance and ...

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Ferguson: Audit Errors Showing Up More Often —WSJ CFO Journal

Are Deficiencies More Common?  Or is it Simply that PCAOB Now Successfully Targets Audit Areas Prone to Problems? Emily Chasan at the Wall Street Jurnal's CFO Report delivers the news that The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has been catching an increased number of audit errors around fair value measurement this year, says PCAOB member Lewis Ferguson. He notes that audit regulators around the worl ...

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Post-Convergence, IASB to Focus on Confusing Standards —WSJ/CFO Journal

Emily Chasan at the Wall Street Journal's CFO Journal reports  that the chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board said Wednesday that he expects the board, which sets accounting rules for over 100 countries, will focus on  clarifying some of its most confusing accounting standards once it completes its key convergence projects with U.S. accounting rule makers. ...

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A Market of Lemmings: BV for the Litigation Practitioner

Caveats that Careful Valuators and Consultants to Keep in Mind When Using the Market Approach to Valuation Authoritative sources such as the IRS, SEC, FASB, and professional appraisal associations consistently advocate market prices to be the best indications of value. But is that always true? Gregory R. Marsh argues that in some financial markets—at various times—there’s plenty of evidence that both buyers ...

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Capitalized Earnings: When are the Earnings Stabilized?

Capitalized Earnings: When are the Earnings Stabilized? When you're doing a business valuation, should you use a Capitalization of Earnings/Cash Flows? Or should you use a Discounted Earnings/Cash Flow method? Here's a rule of thumb: If the benefit stream will be constant over time, choose the Capitalized Earnings/Cash Flows. Richard Claywell explains. ...

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ValuSource Introduces: The Richest and Most Comprehensive Comparables on the Web: IBA Data, 24/7

The Richest and Most Comprehensive Comparables: IBA Data, 24/7. Log On Today. Business valuation has often been called an art, not a science. Revenue multiples are one key method; another is the use of comparables. Many valuators use both. KeyValueData offers NACVA members access to the IBA comparables, which are the richest and most comprehensive set of comparable available in the valuation world. Here’s a ...

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Lease Accounting Breakthrough Could Come in June –CFO Report

Emily Chasan is on the spot with the latest news:   U.S. and international accounting rule makers finally may be ready next month to resolve a debate over corporate lease accounting, that would bring $2 trillion worth of lease obligations onto corporate balance sheets. Members of the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board said Thursday they were ready to v ...

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PCAOB: Asset Valuation is Most Common Big Four Audit Problem –WSJ CFO Report

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board found 123 audit deficiencies related to fair-value estimates and asset impairments in 2010, making asset valuation the most common audit problem. Market volatility always makes it tough to value assets fairly based on market prices.  But that doesn't mean management forecasts—and the assumptions and methodologies of financial modeling used in corporate pricing—c ...

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4 Ways to Value a Startup –Investopedia

Investopedia weighs in on the pros and cons of varying approaches: Business valuation is never straightforward - for any company. For startups with little or no revenue or profits and less-than-certain futures, the job of assigning a valuation is particularly tricky. For mature, publicly listed businesses with steady revenues and earnings, normally it's a matter of valuing them as a multiple of their earnin ...

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