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The Intersection of Advocacy and Financial Forensics

The Role of the Expert in 21st Century Dispute Resolution—A Recovering Judge’s Perspective As technology evolves, the role of the expert and the interplay between experts and the judiciary will evolve. This change is already underway. In this article, QuickRead presents the presentation made by Retired Judge Platt at the NACVA and the CTI’s Annual Consultants’ Conference, held in Salt Lake City. Judge Platt ...

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Book Review—What It’s Worth

Hotel Business Value QuickRead’s Technical Editor, Roberto Castro, reviews BVR’s What It’s Worth: Hotel Business Value.  There are few resources available for business valuation professionals that focus on the valuation of hotels.  The “go to” reference books have been Stephen Rushmore, MAI and Erich Baum’s Hotels & Motels: Valuations and Market Studies, a 2001 Appraisal Institute publication, and David ...

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Making Mediation Work for You

Benefits and rules to successfully mediate claims Mediation is a process that can be employed pre- and post-litigation to settle claims. A successful mediation requires upfront work and effort, as well as good faith and settlement authority. The selection of a mediator is also critical. This article provides an overview of the practices employed to successfully settle claims. ...

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