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What I Wish I’d Known when I Started My Career

When we see CEOs, founders, influencers and other people highlighted in our daily scrolls on our devices, the individuals almost always look polished. They are poised and confident, and they most surely achieve inbox zero at the end of every day. Yet what is rarely captured is the less photogenic stuff—the steady grind, the setbacks and sacrifices—that come on the way to success. To read the full article in ...

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Case Update—Is the Discounted Cash Flow Model Subject to Manipulation?

In re Bachrach: the U.S. Bankruptcy Court comments on the discounted cash flow and experts’ reports The discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) has been a standard valuation and damages method for many years. However, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court recently suggested that the “striking” disparity between experts’ conclusions in a case before the court “lends credibility to the concept that the discounted cash flow met ...

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