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Best Practices for Estimating the Company-Specific Risk Premium

(Part I of IV) This is a four-part article that sets forth best practices for estimating the company-specific risk premium. The identification and quantification of alpha—or the subject-specific risk component—is sometimes a controversial issue in the private company valuation. This discussion summarizes best practices on what is included in—or should be considered in—the analysis of this Ke alpha component ...

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Proponents of the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Always Want More Cowbell The More Cowbell skit can be repurposed to explain debates over the efficient market hypothesis. Many proponents of the efficient market hypothesis may initially find it annoying that nonbelievers do not share their view. However, believers’ faith in the efficient market hypothesis is dependent on nonbelievers continuing to try, but inevitably failing, to ‘beat the market.’ The effi ...

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