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Can Forensic Experts Overcome Their Biases?

Is Recognizing Cognitive and Motivational Biases Enough? The National Academy of Sciences reported that bias is a severe problem in forensic sciences. Cognitive biases were described as, “common features of decision making, and they cannot be willed away.” Is recognizing bias, alone, sufficient to address cognitive, motivational or other biases? What can a forensic expert do to avoid the bias trap? In this ...

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Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Scenario Planning

Scenario planning, an effective decision-making tool under uncertainty, is underutilized by organizations primarily due to deep-seated cognitive biases that exist.  Drew Erdmann, Bernardo Sichel, and Luk Yeung of McKinsey & Company tell managers how to address these common biases and provide guidance along with a practice cheat sheet on the dos and don’ts of scenario planning. Read more on scenario plan ...

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