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Why You Can’t Wait to Prepare for Disaster

For a business or CPA firm, a disaster can take the form of a catastrophic weather event, a cyberattack, or even a sudden regulatory decision that may put the future of the organization in jeopardy. It may be impossible to prevent such a disaster, but proper planning can help minimize the damage and disruption an organization suffers if it is hit by a catastrophe. In this podcast, Jennifer H. Elder, discuss ...

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When Your Vendor is Hacked, Doing Nothing Won’t Cut it

Even firms that believe they are too small to matter should think again.  If a cyberattack happens at the firm's outsourced CRM partner, portfolio management vendor or custodian, and clients' personal information is compromised, where is your client going to turn first to demand an explanation? To read the full article in FinancialPlanning, click: When Your Vendor is Hacked, Doing Nothing Won't Cut it. ...

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Corporate Boards aren’t Prepared for Cyberattacks

Is Cybersecurity Preparedness Lacking Among Boards? Some company boards are failing to take the necessary steps to defend against cyberattacks, with one survey finding that only 19% of directors say their boards have a high level of understanding of the issue.  Many states have data breach notification laws on the books, although such a provision has yet to pass at the federal level. To read the full articl ...

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