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Three Keys to Faster, Better Decisions

Decision makers fed up with slow or subpar results take heart. Three practices can help improve decision making and convince skeptical business leaders that there is life after death by committee. To read the full article in McKinsey & Company, click: Three Keys to Faster, Better Decisions. ...

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Business Leaders’ Top Concern is Moving to a Hybrid AI-Human Workforce

Two-thirds of business leaders fear that their organization could become irrelevant if they fail to move to a “hybrid” workforce. According to research by Capita People Solutions, a successful transition to a combined human and artificial intelligence, or hybrid, workforce is the most important priority for 72% of leaders in the next five years. To read the full article in Personnel Today, click: Business L ...

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Cloud Security: Five Key Considerations

Philip McNeill looks at five key aspect to consider before moving to the cloud. The main points to consider are: a cyber attack on cloud services is a top risk in 2018; ensure extensive due diligence before joining the cloud; taking care of the obvious, like password security, can help protect against a cyber attack. To read the full article in ICAS, click: Cloud Security: Five Key Considerations. ...

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Despite Fast Growth, Mobile Wealth Management Stumbles

For the future of financial advice, the writing isn’t on the wall, it’s on the mobile phone screen, says Christopher P. Van Slyke, financial planner and founder of wealth management firm, WorthPointe.  Van Slyke, who's based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, says the tipping point for him was when he saw that the local bank, Bank of Jackson Hole, was touting its app in a community paper. To read the full article in ...

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How Advisors Can Outthink Robots

As the learning capability of machines continues to improve, advisors are increasingly finding themselves outmaneuvered by robots.  These digital advisors are particularly appealing to millennials, who now represent close to half of the U.S. online banking population.  To that end, there is a technological gap as well as a demographic vulnerability that advisors are facing, especially as they help consumers ...

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