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Distance Mediation

How to Increase Settlement Rates Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, distance mediation was used; however, not extensively and historically, settlement rates were significantly lower than traditional “face-to-face” mediations. With social distancing now in place, mediating by phone and/or video conferencing is getting a closer look. Although the mediation process essentially remains the same for distance med ...

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How Can I Tell the Right One?

Selecting a Mediator is More Important Than Ever, Or? Mediation is the primary case management device used by the courts to resolve disputes, and the mediation process is frequently included in the dispute resolution section of most contracts. In some situations, mediation is even mandatory. What is interesting to note is that there are no uniform, national standards for training or regulating mediators. So ...

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The Intersection of Advocacy and Financial Forensics

The Role of the Expert in 21st Century Dispute Resolution—A Recovering Judge’s Perspective As technology evolves, the role of the expert and the interplay between experts and the judiciary will evolve. This change is already underway. In this article, QuickRead presents the presentation made by Retired Judge Platt at the NACVA and the CTI’s Annual Consultants’ Conference, held in Salt Lake City. Judge Platt ...

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Selling Yourself

Tips for Marketing Your Skills and Services Whether you are just starting your career, considering going out on your own, or expanding your business, there are three steps that will make your journey easier: conduct a self-assessment, develop a business plan, and design a marketing strategy. Sounds simple enough, but most businesses fail within the first year simply because people skip one or more of these ...

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How to Select a Case Appropriate Mediator

Factors to Consider Finding the Right Mediator Mediation is a dispute resolution process that is now more popular than arbitration. Many contracts require parties use mediation, if a dispute arises; and courts have adopted the use of mediation to help reduce the number of cases headed to trial. Yet with all this popularity, there remains a significant problem with using mediation: getting the "wrong" mediat ...

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Empathy at the Mediation Table

Understanding Another Person’s Point of View—A Fundamental Tool of Communication Empathy, when used appropriately is truly amazing. It strengthens and enriches our understanding of others, and enhances our ability to motivate them. Though there is no scientific way to measure the power of empathy, you can feel it when you use it, especially during mediation-type proceedings, when the opposing parties are fr ...

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A Case for Mediation

What do You Have to Lose? Since only a fraction of the cases filed go to trial, it seems prudent to explore settlement sooner rather than later. It is not rocket science, and statistics support the claim that the earlier a case settles the lower the expense to achieve that settlement. If this is not enough to encourage someone to consider mediation sooner rather than later, then perhaps recent court statist ...

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Abolition of Mediation Joint Session

Can it Hurt the Expert? Mediation is a dispute resolution process. So, what is a process? A process is a procedure, a course of action, or a methodology. Mediation has been around for several thousand years, and the joint session has always been a pivotal part of that process. Historically, the mediation process included beginning with a joint session. Mediation is after all a facilitated negotiation. When ...

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Overcoming Conflict and Developing Peaceful Resolutions

Conflict Resolution in the Business Valuation World Conflicts exist with clients, co-workers, and with the other side on valuation issues. Most valuation cases settle well before litigation. This article focuses on steps that can be taken to enhance your perspective and work with those you find difficult to communicate with in any setting. ...

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Mediation 101

Understanding the Magic Mediation is an exceedingly simple and yet extremely powerful dispute resolution process. Principles, process, and prerequisites coalesce to produce the magic of mediation. Those understanding the essential three “P's” of mediation benefit by becoming better negotiators, thus producing more satisfying results and enjoying higher settlement rates. ...

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Making Mediation Work for You

Benefits and rules to successfully mediate claims Mediation is a process that can be employed pre- and post-litigation to settle claims. A successful mediation requires upfront work and effort, as well as good faith and settlement authority. The selection of a mediator is also critical. This article provides an overview of the practices employed to successfully settle claims. ...

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