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Does AI-Flavored Feedback Require a Human Touch?

Digital tools and technologies are now relentlessly and remorselessly transforming how performance management works. Customized and continuous data-driven feedback is becoming a new normal for enterprises worldwide. This feedback appears both qualitatively and quantitatively superior to its performance review precursors and should lead to better outcomes. But does AI-flavored feedback require a human touch ...

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Why Performance Management is Dead and Performance Motivation is Here to Stay

Try This Instead of Traditional Performance Management A technique known as performance motivation may replace traditional performance management among companies interested in inspiring maximum effort and loyalty among employees. Instead of focusing on scoring employees and offering standardized feedback, companies can focus on creating intrinsic motivation to inspire their workers. Christine Comaford expla ...

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Why Your Employee Performance Ratings Are Hurting Your Organization

Why Giving Employees Numerical Ratings can be Harmful Giving employees numerical ratings can cause negative emotions and can cause highly rated employees to become complacent, writes Ann Latham, founder of the consulting company Uncommon Clarity.  These grades also tend to be subjective, with some managers practicing grade inflation and others refusing to give anyone the highest possible score. To read the ...

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