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COVID-19—Proximate Cause

and its Impact on Lost Profits Calculations These are challenging times. Financial experts are faced with economic uncertainty and differing projections from various sources as to what the “new normal” will look like. Regardless of the economic circumstances, financial experts are hired to estimate lost profits. These calculations must be made with reasonable certainty. But to be reasonably certain, proxima ...

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Foreseeability Standard in Lost Profits Litigation

The Objective and Subjective Tests Used to Determine Foreseeability To recover lost profits in a commercial damages case, three standards must be met. They are proximate cause, foreseeability, and reasonable certainty. Of these three, foreseeability is the lost profits standard in which a financial expert will have the least involvement. But this does not mean the expert’s work would not benefit the trier-o ...

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Reasonable Certainty in Lost Profits Calculations

Prepare, Verify, and Excel at Trial In order to recover lost profits in a commercial damage case, three standards must be met. First, plaintiff must show proximate cause; second, the foreseeability; and third, reasonable certainty. This article will focus on the third standard, reasonable certainty. Experts seeking to provide realistic lost profit estimates must be aware of this standard. The following disc ...

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