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Common Adjustments in the Due Diligence Process

Conducting Financial Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings Analysis Financial due diligence and quality of earnings reports provide a third-party analysis of a target company’s current financial position and historical financial performance. When evaluating a potential business acquisition, it is crucial to understand the nature and magnitude of the business’ cash flows. Whether from the perspective of the ...

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The Role of the Valuation Analyst

In an ESOP Formation Financial Feasibility Analysis (Part II of II) This is the second of two-part article that discusses ESOPs. In this part, the author focuses on quality of earnings, liquidity, and plan design analyses. Owners of a private company who are looking for an exit strategy may consider the sale of all (or part) of the company to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Such a strategy may be p ...

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Quality of Earnings

When Performing a Business Valuation Earnings are not always objective and valuations apply a multiple to earnings to determine a company’s value. The elements making up a company’s valuation involve determining normalized earnings, a decision whether income taxes would be applied, and the capitalization rate to be used to get the value. There are also other factors, but this article looks at the quality of ...

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