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Few Small Businesses Claim Health Insurance Tax Credit –Accounting Today

Far fewer small employers claimed the health insurance tax credit for small businesses in the health care reform law than were eligible, according to a new government report.  So reports Michael Cohn at Accounting Today: The Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit was included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 as a way to help small businesses pay for the cost of health insurance. ...

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Three Ways to Make Your Employees Happy — American Express OPENForum, Families and Work Institute

The company culture you build has a major impact on how successful the business will be as it grows, writes Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert, at American Express OPENForum, a small business media hub.  One of the biggest trends in the past few years is workplace flexibility.   A new study by the Families and Work Institute shows that more than 75 percent of employers now offer some form of flex time. ...

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5 Things Small Business Investors Need to Know about “IP”

The Wall Street Journal's Small Business Blog featured recently a guest column by Antone Johnson on the use, misuse, and misvaluation of intellectual property.  It's probably of interest to valuators and financial consultants who are working with small business owners to value and growth their businesses.   Venture capitalists, angel investors and start-up lawyers these days tend to be obsessed with "intell ...

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Study: Independent Board Is Key to Family Business Succession Plans

A relatively unexplored area of family business research is the role that an active, independent board of directors can play in perpetuating the family business from one generation to the next.  David Thayne Liebell reports at Trusts & Estates that a  recently published book, Building A Successful Family Business Board, seeks to close that research gap. In fact, according to the book’s authors, an activ ...

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Lessons from a Dying Business

Lessons from a Dying Business   Redbox has built a successful DVD kiosk business, but its days are numbered. Here's why that's not such a bad thing, report Karl Stark and Bill Stewart at  You’re probably familiar with Redbox, owner of those DVD-rental kiosks that you see parked outside of just about every neighborhood grocery store or pharmacy. Redbox is an excellent example of how to create growth ...

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Employee Fraud at Businesses

A Rogue Employee Might be On Your Payroll, Too So writes Sarah E. Needleman at the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, where she points out that small businesses tend to be more vulnerable to fraud than large firms: If a business as established and well off as UBS can suffer at the hands of one bad apple, could the same can be true for any business, even a small firm? According to various media reports, an allege ...

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The 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Businesses Make

  The 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Businesses Make  Running a business should earn you an honorary degree given all you will learn, writes Brian Hamilton, co-founder and CEO of Sageworks, over at Inc.    We live and we learn. In the time it’s taken me to build two companies, I have learned and more importantly, lived, these mistakes. I hope these pieces of advice can help both aspiring and existing entrepre ...

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IT Guru Turns Out to Be Security Hole

IT Guru Turns Out to Be Security Hole  Roger Kay reports at Forbes:  Small businesses have become a choice target for hackers, but by far the most common — and devastating — attacks on small businesses are inside jobs. This is the story of one such assault. The target (we’ll call him Peter) trusted his IT guy (Joe, for our purposes) because Joe worked magic.  Peter didn’t understand exactly what Joe was doi ...

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Wild Market Quiets the Buzz for I.P.O.’s

Wild Market Quiets the Buzz for I.P.O.’s Evelyn M. Russli and Michael J. De La Merced at New York Times' Dealbook: As stocks swing violently, a chill is beginning to settle on the initial public offering market. A small number of companies have already retreated on their offering plans. WageWorks, an employee benefits provider, pushed its offering, originally scheduled for Friday, to next week and dropped i ...

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S Corporation Rental Income Not Passive Except When It Is

S Corporation Rental Income Not Passive Except When It Is Peter J. Reilly reports at Forbes: Private Letter Ruling 201118011   A C corporation is a taxable entity.  Distributions that it makes to its shareholders are also, generally, taxable to them.  People who don’t want to pay tax twice on the same income will make an S election.  The shareholders are taxed on whatever the earnings are regardless of dist ...

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Buying an Established Business

Buying an Established Business The Wall Street Journal's "Running a Business" blog analyzes the benefits of buying vs. building: If you're interested in entrepreneurship, but lack ideas or time to create a new business, buying an established company may be a wise alternative. You'll inherit a working infrastructure complete with resources you'd otherwise have to secure on your own, such as equipment and emp ...

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Economic Uncertainty, Spending Decline Top Owner Concerns.

Lending Improves The Wall Street Journal reports that Small Business Lending Has Improved. A Braun Research survey performed for Capital One Bank found 85% of owners polled in March said they’re able to access the financing they need, up seven percentage points from the fourth quarter of 2010 and 15 percentage points from a year ago. . . . but Owners Fear Economic Uncertainty Economic Uncertainty, Spending ...

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