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What is the Small Business Reorganization Act?

Highlights of the New Bankruptcy Chapter: Chapter 5 Many small businesses could not afford the processes in place under Chapter 11. The SRBA, signed into law in August 2019, created Chapter 5 and was intended to provide a “fresh start” to small business owners. This article highlights some of the key issues under the new law. On August 23, 2019, a relatively small, 22-page bill known as the Small Business R ...

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Comments: A Follow-up Response to Michael McKean on ESOP Valuations

Robert Reilly Shares His Thoughts on Impressions Should a valuation analyst accept an ESOP valuation engagement? That is the question raised by Michael McKean in his article written in response to the recent QuickRead article series by Robert Reilly. In this article, Mr. Reilly shares his thoughts on the subject matter. I am old enough to remember the early television show, The Original Amateur Hour. I star ...

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Third-Party Verification Requests

As a trusted adviser, a CPA is often the first resource clients turn to for many financial issues. While often these questions are in the context of a service the CPA may already be engaged to provide (tax compliance, estate planning, etc.), it is not uncommon to receive other requests that seem simple but can carry unique challenges. To read the full article in The Tax Adviser, click: Third-Party Verificat ...

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Valuing Contingent or Disputed Assets and Liabilities in Solvency Opinions

Part I of II This is a two-part article. A variety of methods may be appropriate, depending on the context, to value contingent or disputed assets or claims in solvency opinions. These include probability discount, hindsight, and traditional valuation of future earnings. Other possibilities are the cost of insurance or Monte Carlo simulation. The authors discuss the cases and the uses and limitations of the ...

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Is Solvency in the Eye of the Beholder?

Recognizing Hindsight and Projection Bias How can one expert opine that the company is insolvent and another expert—viewing the same financial statement—opine that the company is solvent? In this article, Michael Vitti answers this question and provides an overview of what is considered a preference and a fraudulent transfer. ...

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Case Update—Is the Discounted Cash Flow Model Subject to Manipulation?

In re Bachrach: the U.S. Bankruptcy Court comments on the discounted cash flow and experts’ reports The discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) has been a standard valuation and damages method for many years. However, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court recently suggested that the “striking” disparity between experts’ conclusions in a case before the court “lends credibility to the concept that the discounted cash flow met ...

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