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Physician Practice Acquisitions

Deal Structuring and Workforce in Place Considerations Under IRC and Stark Law What complications arise when two separate transactions are used to structure an asset sale of a physician practice? The key to compliance is to hit a reasonable middle ground under somewhat competing frameworks, and carefully drafting, documenting, and reporting accordingly. Valuators play a key role not only in establishing and ...

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Why it Shouldn’t be A Dirty Word in the Valuation of Physician Practices The topic of goodwill in a physician practice acquisition continues to be hotly debated. There are very different viewpoints from reputable appraisers on how to value physician practices and whether hospitals can pay for goodwill in an acquisition. I often hear healthcare professionals involved in acquisitions say, “Hospitals can’t pay ...

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Stark Realities Continue

The Compensation-Productivity Nexus Affiliate employer agreements that do not involve designated health services may not be subject to Stark Law. However, where there is an ownership nexus—shared parent or direct subsidiary—between the hospital and affiliate employer, regulators may be able to find Stark Law violations. As governmental agencies drill down well beyond simple compensation comparatives, into t ...

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Book Review—The Adviser’s Guide to Healthcare, Second Edition

An Era of Reform—The Four Pillars, Volumes I and II Since 1950, the U.S. population has doubled from just more than 152 million to an estimated 320 million. In this same period, the average life expectancy has increased from approximately 68 years to over 78 years. This increased life expectancy and accompanying rise in the incidence and prevalence of diseases, conditions, and injuries is driving demand for ...

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Regulatory Tripwires and the FMV Implications of Health Systems Losing Money on Employed Physicians

Valuators Take Note Fair market value is key to compliance with both the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statue. Solid, well-reasoned valuations can be essential in establishing compliant arrangements, and these must consider practice losses as applicable. In this article, Lynn Gordon, Esq., states that it is “prudent to have a valuation in place that supports compensation as fair market value,” especially ...

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Accountable Care Organizations

Value metrics and capital formation Robert Cimasi serves as chief executive officer of HEALTH CAPITAL CONSULTANTS (HCC). Mr. Cimasi’s firm is a nationally recognized healthcare financial and economic consulting agnecy headquartered in St. Louis, MO, serving clients in 49 states since 1993. He is author of a three-volume set that offers a comprehensive reference guide to the factors involved in consulting wi ...

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What Data Valuators Need from Physician Practices—and Why!

Physicians Practices are Undergoing Consolidation. Most Often, Practices are Acquired by Hospitals—and a Prerequisite to Acquisition by a Hospital is Having a Practice Valuation Performed. Here’s Why. Physician practices are increasingly undergoing consolidation, and any acquisition requires a valuation performed by an independent third-party valuator. Here’s the low down on what valuators need and why they ...

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Book Review: The Financial Professional’s Guide to Healthcare Reform

The Financial Professional's Guide to Healthcare Reform; Accountants' Handbook, 12th Edition New titles from Wiley this summer include Scott Miller on Buyouts, Dietrich and Anderson’s thorough Financial Professional’s Guide to Healthcare Reform, Roman Weil et al. on Litigation Services and the Financial Expert, and Graham and Carmichael’s Accountants' Handbook, 12th Edition.  ...

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Successful Medical Practice Valuation

How to Arrive at an Appropriate Fair Market Price for a Medical Practice When valuing a medical practice, how do you determine fair market value in light of recent Stark II regulations? Some of it depends on the definition of the term “commercially reasonable.” And a lot also depends on accurate assessment of future revenues, as well as expense assumptions. Here’s a guide to what to keep an eye on as you na ...

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