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Strategic Career Mapping Can Lead to Professional Fulfillment

Life never follows a straight path, and neither will your career. Whether your goal is to advance from your cubicle into the corner office, strike out on your own, or move into a different profession altogether, it pays to map out a strategy for how to get there. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Strategic Career Mapping Can Lead to Professional Fulfillment. ...

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Memo to Managers: Practice What You Preach

Strong management goes beyond ethical behavior, efficiency, and carrying out company strategy—even though each of those is important. Managers are a key reason that employees show up to work engaged or not. Managers can live their values, set clear expectations on schedules, engage in two-way communication, and more. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Memo to Managers: Practice What ...

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How to Build Your Editorial Calendar

Implement Your Content Marketing Strategy To successfully implement a content marketing plan to support your firm’s overall marketing goals, you need to build an editorial calendar. In a solid, well-planned editorial calendar, everything is planned out in advance, from scheduling to headlines. In this post, Dr. Lee Frederiksen shares some tips for creating an editorial calendar. To successfully implement a ...

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Five Steps

to Your Differentiation Strategy Among executives in the accounting and finance firms, creating and implementing a relevant differentiation strategy continues to be a struggle—however, this does not have to be the case. At its simplest, creating and implementing a differentiation strategy is a five-step process. In this article, Dr. Frederiksen describes these steps. ...

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Back to Basics

Be a Trusted Advisor Valuation analysts are in a unique position to help their clients. Most business owners have never looked at their business the way a valuation professional does. If the valuation analyst does a yearly check-up or checks in with their clients but does not include a discussion or a strategy to build value in their business, perhaps it should. This is an opportunity to expand the work bas ...

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The Due Diligence Imperative

Competition (Part Four of a Six-Part Series) The first part of this six-part series provided an overview of the due diligence imperative for valuation professionals, in the context of the Four Pillars of Healthcare Value, i.e., Reimbursement, Regulatory, Technological, and Competitive environments. The second and third installments reviewed the due diligence process related to the reimbursement and regulato ...

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Strategy and Equity Value

Never Mutually Exclusive Strategy has many meanings. Implementing a strategy that adds shareholder value and factors in changing market dynamics is the best strategy. In this article, Carl Sheeler shares his views on “trusted advisors” and how these trusted advisors often do not have the depth or experience to assist clients in devising a strategy that will increase shareholder value. The article suggests t ...

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M&A Advisory Services

The next generation Pursuing an acquisition for the sake of improving the top line is risky.  A company can focus on creating value by reducing their cost of capital and thereby improving their risk profile.  Business valuation analysts are uniquely positioned to offer advice on risk and devise strategies for corporate clients to reduce risk exposure.  These measures usually lead to improved sales, profitab ...

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A Business Plan Needs an Exit Plan from the Very Start

There are Lots of Exit Options Owners Can Plan for, but Putting Together a Plan is Essential Business owners need to plan the sort of exit they hope for early on and treat exit options explicitly as part of their initial business plan. Whether owners are looking to sell outright, be acquired by another company, go public, choose simply to liquidate, or let the business run dry matters. Here’s why. ...

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ESOPs―The Swiss Army Knife of Liquidity Strategies

ESOPs serve as a utilitarian strategy for business owners looking for unique and effective ways to improve employee benefits and business flexibility. William Stewart explains how an ESOP, depending on how you set it up, can function like a Swiss Army Knife. Depending on how you set it up, an ESOP is fully flexible. ESOPs, for instance, offer buyers and sellers a wide range of purchasing options that can va ...

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