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How to Prepare for Stress Before It Happens

When you know a high-stress event is coming up, it is natural to stress yourself out before it even happens. This common pattern is called “meta-stress,” and it occurs when you worry about stress in advance. And while tense situations are bound to happen in our personal and professional lives, there are ways to alleviate those uneasy feelings beforehand, and save yourself from the buildup of anxious thought ...

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The Power of Saying No

Saying yes is killing your productivity.  Chances are, you’ve agreed to take on a request from a colleague or client only to soon regret it because: you’re already on the edge in terms of capacity or stress; you have no time to recharge; it has a domino effect, making you late for remaining appointments and depleting your energy in the process.  Sound familiar?  If so, you need to say no more often. To read ...

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Changing the Workplace Narrative

Assess Change, Communication, Control, and Emotions before Implementing Changes Exploring change, communications, control issues, and emotions is often the best way to begin to understand what is causing conflict in the workplace, and what can be done to curb or control the situation. Once there is a basic understanding of these elements, it is much easier to develop a management strategy that constructivel ...

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You and Stress Is work stress inevitable? Something that professionals need to embrace and live with, like it, or not? How does an organization or management know if stress is affecting the well-being of its employees? In this article, Nancy Yeend shares a process management can employ to answer these and other questions. ...

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