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Estate of Newberger v. Commissioner

What About Subsequent Events—Lessons from the Valuation of Artwork? In the December 2015 Tax Court Memo Estate of Newberger v. Commissioner, the Tax Court considered post-date-of-death sales prices in the valuation of three separate pieces of artwork owned by the decedent. Considered in one instance was the sale of the actual piece of art itself, and in two other instances, the sale of other pieces of art c ...

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Subsequent Events Revisited

So why do we, as appraisers, differ from judges when it comes to subsequent events? Traditionally, valuation and litigation support professionals only consider facts known or knowable as of the valuation date, yet courts will look at subsequent events. This article examines how a valuation and litigation support professional may address subsequent events. ...

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Revisiting Subsequent Events for Gift, Estate and Charitable Contributions, and Increased Valuation Penalties Exposure

When are “subsequent events” knowable, and what about IRC Sec. 6662(g)(2) penalties? Trout Ranch, LLC v. Commissioner raises additional causes for concern, including subsequent events in appraisal documentation and failures to include them, which may create more valuation penalties on tax filings. ...

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