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Risk and Fraud

in the Cryptocurrency Economy Although cryptocurrency and blockchain technology create an environment that can help combat fraud within their systems, their introduction into the global economy has opened numerous doors for nefarious activity. This article provides an overview of what is cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the rise of threats to digital assets. Fraud used to be much simpler for the f ...

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An App a Day

The onslaught of new phones and apps and their related potential for financial crime This article examines the high cost of convenience in regards to constantly evolving smart phones, iPads, and other personal communication device applications. The intentional (and unintentional) transfer of sensitive data between individuals happens in seconds. The author lays out the double-edged benefits of such technolo ...

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The Storm is Coming, Will Your Firm Survive a Natural Disaster?

Preparing yourself and your clients for a natural disaster By taking steps before a natural disaster strikes, the firm can position itself to thrive in the aftermath. A meeting with your casualty insurance professional is suggested. The agenda should include a review of the current coverage and discussion of changes in your firm operation since the last review. ...

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