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Top Financial Firms Cut Jobs Amid 2019 Market Turmoil

Asset managers and banks are under pressure as volatility roils global markets and investors pile into passive, low-fee funds. The $3 trillion hedge fund market has been hit hard as performance sank and funds closed last year. One recruiter thinks more shakeout lays ahead. To read the full article in Financial Planning, click: Top Financial Firms Cut Jobs Amid 2019 Market Turmoil. ...

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Chasing the Elusive Butterfly of Volatility

Accepting and Rejecting Data from Public Company Data Valuation analysts who, for whatever reason, eschew the publicly traded guideline company method but who would like to use option models for various aspects of the valuation assignment, face a conundrum. All option models require, as an input, a volatility factor in percentage format. Since the only place to derive such a volatility factor (usually defin ...

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Digital Currencies

Your Next Engagement Currency has played a central role in most business valuation and financial forensic engagements since the origination of the two terms. What has not been so clear lately is the changing nature of currency and for that matter, the very definition of money itself. This article explores how digital currencies originated, their attributes, and how they should be considered for your next va ...

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