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What Professional Services Firms’ Websites Get Wrong

Five Ways Professional Services Websites Fall Short (Part I of II) Business leaders today know that how a firm’s website is planned and organized matters more than ever. What worked well enough five years ago to separate your firm from your competition may simply not work today. At Hinge, we audit hundreds of professional services websites a year—and we see many of the same mistakes repeated. In this articl ...

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Five Forces Influencing Your BVFLS Marketing in 2020

Opportunities Available to Drive Revenue and Remain Relevant Q1 2020 is already in the books. If you are thinking about your practice development goals, strategies, and tactics for the rest of the year, Rod Burkert has some ideas regarding what to do and identifies the opportunities associated with five options. Hard to believe that Q1 2020 is already in the books. And you might be thinking about your pract ...

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We are at a Data Privacy Crossroads. Where Do We Go From Here?

These days, most of us understand that when we visit a website, download an app, or post on social media, we are sharing data about ourselves with companies. We also understand that the consequences of such sharing will only become more profound as we live more of our lives online. So it is perhaps unsurprising that companies are facing new pressures to protect our digital privacy. To read the full article ...

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Seven Strategies for Expanding Your E-mail List

Options that Provide Superior Results Compared to Renting Marketers of accounting and valuation firms have long used e-mail marketing to nurture new and existing prospects. But what is the best way to develop a good list in the first place? This article provides seven proven strategies for building your firm’s e-mail list faster. Marketers of accounting and valuation firms have long used e-mail marketing to ...

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How to Select a Case Appropriate Mediator

Factors to Consider Finding the Right Mediator Mediation is a dispute resolution process that is now more popular than arbitration. Many contracts require parties use mediation, if a dispute arises; and courts have adopted the use of mediation to help reduce the number of cases headed to trial. Yet with all this popularity, there remains a significant problem with using mediation: getting the "wrong" mediat ...

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The Top Six Strategies for Generating Leads on Your Website

Upgrade Your Website to Develop a Measurable Market Advantage What strategies should professional service firms adopt to market their expertise? What impact do online leads have on the bottom line? Where should a firm place premium content? What can a firm do to minimize overt marketing? In this article, Dr. Lee Frederiksen of Hinge Marketing shares six strategies to improve your website, drive traffic, and ...

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Should Sponsorships be Part of Your Marketing Plan?

How do Sponsorships Rank as a Strategy for Business Development? How effective are sponsorships developing business leads? Sponsorships provide visibility to a captive audience and ideally convey the firm’s commitment to the cause or event. In this article, Dr. Frederiksen shares his findings on this subject, as well as discusses findings involving the pay to play sponsorships and the community sponsorship ...

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How Social and Digital Media can be a #Majorrisk

Electronic Communication can be Fraught with Peril for the Unwary CPA Electronic communication can be fraught with peril for the unwary professional. CPAs who become over-reliant on this form of communication confront increased professional liability risk. This column explores some of the more common risks CPAs may encounter with electronic communication and discusses how a professional can make appropriate ...

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Why a High-Performance Website May be Your Firm’s Greatest Asset

For those of us who spent much of our careers in the old professional services marketplace, it’s all too easy to think of our firm websites as an afterthought–something you have to have in today’s world, but not a priority. A growing body of research demonstrates, however, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. This article looks at recent research on the matter and suggests that a website may well b ...

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