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Dentist’s Employment Contract Kills Personal Goodwill Argument

Dentist's Employment Contract Kills Personal Goodwill Argument - Ninth Circuit Rules Peter J. Reilly on   Tax planners generally think that clients are well served by their thoroughness.  I have little doubt that this is generally the case.  Every once in a while, though, that little bit of extra work can be counterproductive.  In the case of Dr. Howard the extra step, that a less thorough plann ...

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Financial Pros Add ‘Expert Witness’ to Résumés

Small, midsize firms encourage employees to get specialized training to help in winning clients. So writes Eilene Zimmerman in Crain's New York Business, where she mentions American Institute for Expert Witness Education (AIEWE) courses: Sareena Sawhney is a detective of sorts. As a certified forensic financial analyst, she exposes a hidden world of fraud and negligence by analyzing financial transactions a ...

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Employee Fraud at Businesses

A Rogue Employee Might be On Your Payroll, Too So writes Sarah E. Needleman at the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, where she points out that small businesses tend to be more vulnerable to fraud than large firms: If a business as established and well off as UBS can suffer at the hands of one bad apple, could the same can be true for any business, even a small firm? According to various media reports, an allege ...

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Jack Nicholson Takes Over E.U. Finance

Jack Nicholson Takes Over E.U. Finance FT's Alphaville Blog reprises an ECB press conference last week: Reporter: What is your answer to German people and economists who want the return of the DM? Trichet: You want answers? Reporter: I think the Germans are entitled. Trichet: You want answers? (SHOUTING) Reporter: Germans want the truth! (SHOUTING) Trichet: *You can’t handle the truth!*  (SHOUTING) [pauses] ...

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Adjusting, More M.D.’s Add M.B.A.

Adjusting, More M.D.’s Add M.B.A. Under heavy pressure from government regulators and insurance companies, more and more physicians across the country are learning to think like entrepreneurs, reports Milt Freudenheim at the New York Times: “All physicians need some kind of business training,” she said. “For example, some physicians with large research grants don’t know how to manage the money.” As for the ...

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