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How Should Valuators Retire Asset Obligations in Lease Agreements?—Grant Thornton

More Detail on Obligations Included in Minimum Lease Payments Required Under ASC 840  Grant Thornton's On the Horizon web publication  explains that leasing agreements vary in their specific accounting requirements when it comes to assessing — and retiring the value of  — leases.    Here's more:  ...

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SBA Loans Require An Independent Valuation—The Chattanoogan

Find Out the Specific Requirements a Valuation Needs to Include to Pass Muster with the SBA Matt Stelzman explains in The Chattanoogan that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has loans available that can help small businesses make it to profitability, self-sufficient revenue, or at least the next round of funding  —  but in every case these loans require independent valuations.   Here's more:  ...

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AICPA Supports Bill to Exempt Valuation Specialists from Fiduciary Status—CPA Practice Advisor

Requiring Valuation Analysts to Have Specialized Trainingk Credentials, and to Adhere to Professional Standards Will Protect ESOP Participants and Beneficiaries   CPA Practice Advisor reports that the President and CEO of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA, has publicly announced his organization's support for a new bill in the House of Representatives.  H.R. 2041 would mod ...

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Is There Actually Increased Value in Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) that Have Certificate of Need (CON) Protection?—ASC Review

ASCs That Have CON Protection Have Higher Value—But Less Longevity.   Todd Mello, Partner and Co-founder of HealthCare Appraisers, and Nicholas Newsad, Senior Associate at HealthCare Appraisers, opine in ASC Review that many ambulatory surgical center operators perceive increased economic value for those centers with certificate of need protection, multiple practice specialties, and the participation of ort ...

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State Case Law Rules on ESOP Governance, Assets in Divorce Case

California Sanctions Husband for Hidden Account. Wisconsin Finds ESOP Was Properly Governed In White v. Marshall & Isley Corporation, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin dismisses a case asserting that employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) fiduciaries violated their duty of prudence. In re: Simmons, tried in the Court of Appeals of California, found the husband subject to additi ...

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U.S. Patent Law Just Changed. Here’s What You Need to Know—RocketLawyer, Forbes, CNN Money

U.S. Patent Law Changes from "First to Invent" to "First to File" Standard.  Plus:  New Discount on Filing Fees for Small Businesses and Inventors   This spring, patent law in the United States moved from a first-to-invent to a first-to-file system. The new law—called the America Invents Act (AIA)—puts the U.S. in harmony with most patent systems around the world, but it’s also a big change for inventors an ...

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Davids versus Goliaths: A Closer Look at Valuation Distortions—Economic Times (India)

A Disparity in Valuation Prices Between Companies Large and Small in Similar Industries Adds to Investment Challenges   Jwalit Vyas at The Economic Times (India) illustrates how a wide disparity in valuation between companies large and small offers an additional challenge for business owners, investors, and financial consultants.  Here's more:  ...

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Hedge Fund Valuations Under Scrutiny—

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is Aggressively Policing Fund Valuation Practices in the Hedge Fund Industry     Kris Devasabai at reports that hedge funds, under pressure from regulators and investors, are establishing robust pricing policies for hard-to-value assets.  They are also hiring independent experts to price complex and illiquid assets as investors and regulators intensify th ...

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High Valuations May Be Bad for Your Business…And Your Ulcer—PE Hub

An Overly High Valuation Can Scare Away Investors or Spark a Down Round that Dilutes an Earlier Angel Investment      Mark Boslet at PE Hub explains that with IPOs on track to have their biggest year since 2010 and some major technology disruptions sparking infectious excitement, it's important to keep in mind key fundamentals including not accepting too high a valuation for your business or investment prop ...

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IPA Board of Directors Approves First Industry-Wide Valuation Guideline for Non-Listed REITs—Wall Street Journal

Industry Moves to Enhance Transparency of Investments Holding More Than $93 Billion in Assets  The Investment Program Association (IPA), a trade association for non-listed, direct-investment vehicles, announced recently the adoption of the IPA Practice Guideline for the valuation of publicly registered, non-listed real estate investment trusts, The Wall Street Journal reported.   Here's more from a Globe Ne ...

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Current Practice Issue: Applying the Equity Method —Grant Thornton

 On the Horizon Offers Two Examples of Appropriate Ways to Apply FASB Guidance.  Plus: New Guidance on Reporting Discontinued Operations and Not-for-Profit Entities Grant Thornton recently published a useful article on applying the equity method in its On the Horizon web-based publication, which also notes that the Fair Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has suggested new guidelines for reporting discontinue ...

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Federal Cases: ESOP Fidiciuary Responsibility, Valuation Misstatement Penalties, More

Plus: Bishop v. Commissioner Rules on When and Whether a Bad Debt Loss Can Be a Claimed Deduction In Schwab v. Commissioner, a case turns on when a variable universal life insurance policy is a taxable event.  In Boone Operations Co., LLC v. Commissioner, find out when contributing fill dirt to the city of Tucson is or isn’t a charitable or taxable event. ...

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