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What Does Around the Valuation World in 90 Minutes Mean?

Valuation professionals must continually keep abreast of the latest news and developments.  Whether it’s the latest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruling, a new, wide-ranging court decision, or newly issued standard, trying to stay on top of it all—while managing a practice—can pose a significant challenge.  But as Nancy Gault recently learned at NACVA’s Annual Consultants’ Conference, Around the Valuation ...

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Expanding Opportunities—Healthcare Consulting In an Era of Reform, Part I

Changes in the capital markets utilized in financing healthcare transactions have transformed the way that the healthcare providers and enterprises operate within the current transactional marketplace, explains Robert James Cimasi.  These changes, particularly in recent years following the “Great Recession,”  relate to both the availability of capital sources and the types of financial instruments used.  As ...

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More Homeowners Buying “Air Rights”—KVUE (Seattle)

Owners Looking to Protect Home Views Buy "Air Rights" to Stop Further Development.  See the Video to Find What One Homeowner Paid $600,000 to Preserve. The latest trend in Seattle's real estate market has homeowners looking up for some quick cash, reports Heather Graf at King 5 News (KVUE, an ABC affiliate)  in Seattle.  Depending on where you live, the air above your roof could be worth a lot of money.  He ...

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IRS Resists Negotiation on Penalties—Appraiser News Online, Bloomberg BNA

If IRS Imposes a Penalty, That Penalty Cannot be Negotiated as Part of a Settlement on Another Tax Matter  The Internal Revenue Service is opposed to negotiating penalties with noncompliant taxpayers, a stance that should benefit appraisers and tax advisors because individuals will be required to assume more responsibility for their deductions, Bloomberg BNA (subscription required) reported this month.   Ap ...

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Why Rules of Thumb are Dangerous

One Medical Practice Could—Depending on How Rules of Thumb are Applied—be Valued at Several Radically Different Prices. Find Out Why! Paul Hyde, in a recent Around the Valuation World™ in 90 Minutes webinar, explained why rules of thumb are dangerous to rely on for valuation. The focus of his argument relied on six simple graphics that illustrated how the value of one hypothetical medical practice could—dep ...

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An Inside Look at Keller v. U.S. :IRC sec. 2036 and Valuation Discounts

Careful Estate Planning Overcomes IRS Objections Even After Sudden Death Keller v. United States resulted in a huge family limited partnership (FLP) win—$125 million—in Fifth Circuit Court.  In this article, learn what the lead attorneys at the Dallas-based law firm of Meadows, Collier, Reed, Cousins, Crouch, and Ungerman have to say about FLP planning and their victory as well as what every financial advis ...

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Business Valuations in the Middle Market Have Not Declined

There Has Been a Drop in Deal Volume, per GF Data. But Here’s Why it Hasn’t Affected Prevalent Values. Bob Wegbreit offers data confirming what private equity buyers and financial professionals have sensed since the beginning of the year—that the explosion in deal activity heading into the end of 2012 carried no momentum into 2013. Still: while deal volume has declined, valuations haven’t. Find out more. ...

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