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Construction Claims Damages

The Proof is in the Accounting Principles When presenting or rebutting construction claims, there is merit in the forensic accounting adage, “Follow the money trail you will find what happened” The reasonableness and reliability of the construction damages claimed on a project is in the accounting principles. The message in this article is how a forensic accountant can benefit the construction claims proces ...

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A New Age of Professional Skills Education

Beyond the 40 Hours of CPE and Embracing Continuous and Mindful Learning The traditional requirement to account for 40 hours of CPE is often viewed as an annual hurdle. This mindset needs to change. This requirement is an opportunity to commit to continuous learning and improvement. In this article, the author identifies the impediments and opportunities to continuous professional and mindful development. I ...

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FAQ Interpretations

Non-Litigation #2 and Litigation #4 The NACVA’s Standards Board was formed to continually review the organizations’ standards and to ensure that the NACVA’s Professional Standards remain up to date, relevant, and relatively consistent with the standards of the other professional organizations. This article addresses the second Non-Litigation and the fourth Litigation FAQ Interpretations published by the NAC ...

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Why We Struggle with Pricing

Relative to “Those” Competitors Many BVFLS practitioners have a mind-set that presents a self-made obstacle to successfully marketing their professional services. In this article Rod Burkert shares three reasons he has observed that may explain why we, as professionals, struggle with pricing relative to “those” competitors and suggests ways to address those concerns of losing out on price. I want to go on r ...

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Case Study

Changing Assignments from Fairness Opinion to Business Valuation Commercial damages matters can be challenging and require a flexible mind when “wrapping your brain” around the issues and facts of a particular case. Beginning in the first quarter of 2019 and running through October 2020, I had an assignment which began with a simple fairness opinion letter and ended with my testifying at trial to defend my ...

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Book Review

The Art of Business Valuation: Accurately Valuing a Small Business This is a book review of The Art of Busines Valuation: Accurately Valuing a Small Business. This book is a guide and desk reference for valuing businesses under $10 million in revenues. The primary question answered in the book is: How do we as business valuators, business brokers, accountants, lawyers, owners, and other interested parties p ...

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Best Practices for Estimating the Company-Specific Risk

(Part IV of IV) This is the final article of the four-part series that sets forth best practices for estimating the company-specific risk premium. This discussion of the series summarizes best practices about the analyst’s conduct of the functional analysis as one component in developing the CSRP estimate. Introduction Valuation analysts (analysts) often apply income approach business valuation methods to v ...

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Intended and Actual Losses

Briefing on Criminal Fraud Economic Loss Calculations One of the more exciting and challenging parts of our profession is learning about our judicial system. Professionals whose practice involves economic loss calculations should consider educating themselves on the similarities and differences between “actual” and “intended” losses prior to providing expert testimony or offering an opinion. In my research, ...

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