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The Forensic Accounting Academy™ (Academy), offered by the Consultants’ Training Institute, is the most all-inclusive training in forensic accounting available to date.  The intensive and hands-on, four-day Academy provides a one-stop source of 300+ tools, techniques, methods, and methodologies applicable to virtually any large or small financial matter, whether civil, criminal, or dispute, and defines the financial forensics/forensic accounting profession: “The Art & Science of Investigating People & Money©.”

Marital Property: What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine—or Is It?

Forensic accountants are key in the division of marital property in divorce. Forensic analysts in marital litigation support must understand the nuances of jurisdiction. Going beyond the normal practice of tracing, this overview explores three additional approaches that are essential to reclassify property formerly thought of as separate to marital property. ...

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Experts Estimate Dodd-Frank to Be Complete in December

According to Bloomberg News, financial regulators have reported that new measures on the Dodd-Frank Act should be mostly complete by the end of 2013.  The law, created in 2010, was designed to prevent a repeat of the 2008 worldwide credit crisis.  Among the new rules are tougher leverage requirements for eight of the nation’s largest banks, a risk-based capital surcharge for systemically important banks and ...

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Where’s The Money?

Unreported Income Can Be Detected By Direct and Indirect Methods; Indirect Methods Examine Cash Inflows and Outflows. Here’s How. Joe Epps, CPA/CFF/ABV, CFE, CVA, explains how a forensic accountant goes about searching for unreported income—a commonly required practice in divorce and bankruptcy cases, contract disputes, and fraud investigations.  The direct method is simply reviewing financial statements fo ...

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Forensics Trends for 2013 —Government Info Security

External Attacks, Data Loss are Top Concerns Jeffrey Roman at Government Industry Security interviews Forensics expert Rob Lee  who says its not new types of attacks that concern him. It's the old ones that continue to impact organizations. How can organizations learn from past incidents and respond in 2013? The bulk of the cases he investigates are external breaches, not insider cases, says Lee, a seasoned ...

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Demand for Forensic Accounting is Expected to Expand – CPA Insider

Forensic Accounting Revenue in the U.S. is Expected to Grow 6.8% Annually A recent market research report noted in The CPA Insider reports that demand for forensic accounting services will remain strong over the next five years in the United States as a result of increased financial regulations and continued demand for investigative services in the wake of the recession: ...

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Fraud Risk Assessment: Proactive Solutions for Managing the Risk of Fraud

Avoiding the “Why Me’s”: Easy-to-Implement Steps to Mitigate Fraud Risk Financial fraud can be devastating and fiscal, legal, and developmental repercussions can impede the operations of a business for years after an incident. Paul E. Zikmund takes us through his four-step process to actively deter fraud within an organization. ...

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Payment Controls in Small Business

An Unconventional Approach to Safeguarding Cash Billing schemes accounted for 23.9 percent of all payment-process fraud cases, and most of these cases go on for almost two years before they’re discovered. Here are two simple controls business owners can put in place to dramatically discourage fraud. The first is setting up a system for the owner to regularly review accounting statements each month at home.  ...

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Limit Risk with Internal Fraud Prevention Controls

Learn How to Set up Prevention Systems, Identify Relevant Data Relationships, and Think Outside the Box There generally are three types of people who commit fraud: die-hard criminals, otherwise honest people who give in to temptation, and otherwise honest people under severe stress. Strong internal control programs can help two of these types from making a catastrophic mistake. Here’s how to protect revenue ...

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Cybercrime a Growing Threat

PwC Global Economic Crime Report: Cybercrime a Growing Threat  A new PwC report calls cybercrime one of the top four economic crimes – just after asset misappropriation, accounting fraud, and bribery/corruption, according to recent reporting in AccountingWeb.  What is cyber crime?  The PwC report, which you can read here, defines it this way: For our survey questionnaire, we defined cybercrime as: ‘an econo ...

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Employee Fraud at Businesses

A Rogue Employee Might be On Your Payroll, Too So writes Sarah E. Needleman at the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, where she points out that small businesses tend to be more vulnerable to fraud than large firms: If a business as established and well off as UBS can suffer at the hands of one bad apple, could the same can be true for any business, even a small firm? According to various media reports, an allege ...

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Calculation Engagement vs Valuation Engagement

Calculation Engagement vs Valuation Engagement. In April, QuickRead featured some analysis of In Re: Marriage of Hagar in our Case Law—State section.  At issue in Hagar was the difference between a Calculation Engagement and a Valuation Engagement.  The Calculation Engagement the husband in the case presented was deemed unsuitable by a judge, in this particular case, because it the valuator admittedly didn’ ...

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