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Seth Godin: Why Small Businesses Fail—

On Marketing Mistakes Generally, Bad Marketing Messages in Particular, Social Networking, and More Geoffrey James at writes: "A few months ago, I traded emails with best-selling author Seth Godin on the subject of marketing inside small businesses. The more I read over the interview, the more I realize that his advice is priceless."  Here's an excerpt of the interview.  Read the whole piece for the ...

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What if Accountants Offered Work “In 30 Minutes Or It’s Free” or: “Absolutely, Positively Overnight”? It Could Change Everything!

 . . . or at least  so opines Edi Osborne, of Mentor Plus, at CPA Trendlines.  She throws in a third promise you've probably heard but we couldn't fit on the subject line:  "No Surprise Billing. Ever."  More:   What do these three tag lines have in common? Predictability. Dominoes and Fed Ex built their entire business model on making (and keeping) an uncomplicated predictability promise to the customer.  D ...

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