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How to Make Employee Ownership Work for Your Business —Management Today

The Thought of Every Employee Working Together with a Shared Vision of Business Success is a Dream Situation for Companies.  Here's How to Make it Happen.  Gary Davie Friday at Management Today weighs in on how in 2012 the U.K. government (Management Today is UK-based) announced its support for employee ownership, recognizing its ability to promote long-term thinking and growth.  Since then, a number of leg ...

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Rob Slee Draws Distinctions: Distressed Deals, Healthy Deals, Zombie Deals, and What’s Important to Value Creation —MidasNation

MidasFund Will Not Acquire Distressed Companies; However, it Will Buy Stable Divisions of Bankrupt Companies.  Here's Why.   "Last week’s announcement that MidasFund had started acquiring zombie companies caused a flurry of emails," writes Rob Slee on the MidasMoments blog of the MidasNation site.  "Many of you asked about the differences between acquiring distressed, zombie and healthy companies. Let’s dig ...

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