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Investigating and Uncovering Fraud in Your Company

First Steps in the Fraud Investigation The first steps in a fraud investigation are crucial to setting the tone and can set the stage for a successful, or lack thereof, investigation. This article details the first steps a company should take when initiating a fraud investigation, what experts will be necessary to uncover illicit behavior, and what parties need to be notified. Introduction Fraud is a pervas ...

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Financial Forensic Investigations

The Layered Approach There is a maxim in forensic accounting that investigations take twice as long as anticipated, yet the final report appears to have taken half the time. This article provides an overview of the forensic methodology to balance client expectations with the appropriate level of service. Each progressive layer allows for the milestones reached to be evaluated before expanding the scope. Thi ...

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Financial Statement Fraud

Taking Another Look at Perpetrators and Their Schemes—Can a Testifying Expert Witness Rely on the Financial Statements and/or Other Financial Reports Provided? For more than a decade, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) has published its report on global occupational fraud. The term occupational fraud refers to frauds that are committed by individuals against the organizations that employ th ...

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The Role of Forensic Accountants

in Detecting Fraud in Business Interruption Claims (Part I of II) Business interruption claims are generally closely scrutinized by insurance carriers and can range from thousands of dollars to claims exceeding $100 million. Insurance carriers often seek the assistance of either internal or external forensic accountants to analyze such claims. During their analysis, forensic accountants often detect the pos ...

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Assessing the Risk of Fraud in Your Organization

Don’t be a Victim of Fraud Fraud can affect virtually any organization and fraud costs can be far more than just monetary losses. The author discusses the recent Wells Fargo fraud investigation and shares her views regarding what makes for an effective risk identification program. The effects of fraud can go beyond simple dollar losses and include harm to the organization’s reputation, employee morale, lega ...

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What’s Your Fraud IQ?

How well do you understand the foundational principles of an effective fraud risk management program?  Take this quiz and find out. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: What’s Your Fraud IQ? ...

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Employee Hotline Best Practices

Improving Organizational Well-Being Why have an employee hotline? What are the benefits, if any, of an employee hotline? In this article, Ray Dunkle shares his views and the results of implementation. While many forward-thinking organizations are increasingly implementing hotlines, the best practice of such a hotline is so new to most, that few know how to successfully do so. The remainder of this article p ...

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Internal Profiling for Fraud

How to Apply Survey Data to Your Company, using K-means Clustering We are in an age when fraud statistics and the individual profiles of those committing the fraud are at an all-time high. How does a firm identify factors that will enable the firm to understand the risk? The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) annual fraud survey—readily available for free—provides valuable insight to prevent fr ...

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Fraud Risk Assessments

The Annual Audit Does not Identify Operational and Financial Risks According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) 2014 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, an estimated 5% of revenues each year are lost to fraud. What processes can management put in place to identify financial and operational risks? In this article, the author shares his experience and thoughts on that q ...

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Small Business, Big Risk: Two Surveys Highlight Fraud Vulnerability. —JofA

Few Companies with Under 100 Employees Have Fraud Controls in Place Small businesses are significantly more likely than their larger counterparts to neglect instituting basic antifraud controls that could save them from costly losses, a recent worldwide survey shows. The Journal of Accountancy reports in the August issue:  ...

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