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Five Variations on a Theme: Analyzing Transaction Premium Data (Part 1)

The consistent theme of the Appraisal Foundation’s exposure draft The Measurement and Application of Market Participant Acquisition Premiums is that acquirers do not value control for its own sake, but rather for the tangible economic benefits that can be achieved by the exercise of control.  Travis W. Harms, Mercer Capital Financial Reporting Valuation Group lead, explains the analyses and discusses his vi ...

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Appraisal Foundation Releases Final Guidance on Fair Value Measurement of Customer-Related Assets

The Appraisal Practice Board of the Appraisal Foundation released The Valuation of Customer-Related Assets.  As Karolina Calhoun, senior financial analyst with Mercer Capital, explains, the non-authoritative best practices guidance elaborates on valuation approaches and methodologies that can be used to measure fair value of customer-related intangible assets. To read the full article in Mercer Capital's Fi ...

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Auto Dealership Business Valuations

Nuances Valuing and Normalizing an Auto Dealership There are many reasons an auto dealership may require a business valuation; buy-sell agreements, shareholder disputes, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), and estate planning and gifting strategies. In many instances, there will be an opposing party that questions the validity of the final value, whether it be a dissenting stockholder or the Internal Re ...

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Single-Serve Control Premium?

Buyers do not offer premiums simply for the sake of gaining control, but rather, through exercising the prerogatives of control, those buyers expect to generate economic benefits.  Travis W. Hams, leads Mercer Capital’s Financial Reporting Valuation Group, looks at the Appraisal Foundation’s white paper on the subject of JAB Holdings’ acquisition of Keurig Green Mountain. To read more about the results of t ...

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Verbiage and Value

How we define tangible and intangible assets is paramount to accuracy and fairness in valuation. In this article, Dr. Carl Sheeler, responds to a September 9, 2013 concept paper authored by Rick Baumgardner, Chair of the Appraisal Practices Board of the Appraisal Foundation, titled “Valuation Issues in Separating Tangible and Intangible Assets.” ...

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“Linked Out”: A Response to a Business Valuation Standards Discussion

There Are Different Standards. They Have Different Places in Various Appraisals. Here’s Why. Jim Hitchner considers various responses to the query:  “When valuing an operating company, is it necessary to mention USPAP in addition to SSVS 1 when talking about the standards adhered to?”  Good question. There were lots of answers from various valuators in a recent discussion.  Here’s Jim’s take on it all. ...

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