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Common Pitfalls to Avoid in a 409A Valuation

How to Avoid Them! A 409A valuation refers to a method of determining the value of a company's common stock. In other words, the 409A valuation is a method of calculating fair market value (FMV) according to the regulations under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). This valuation can be carried out using various types of valuation methodologies, however, it is important to avoid pitfalls in 409A valuation when ...

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The McLean Group: New Guidance on When to Use a Recent Round of Financing to Estimate Fair Value

Consider Three Types of Private Preferred Stock Transactions, Each with Varying Degrees of Relevance to an Indication of Fair Value: Simple, Strategic, and Tranched Preferred Financing Last year, the AICPA issued guidance on evaluating private transactions with regards to their relevance in estimating the Fair Value of other securities within an enterprise via the back-solve method. The McLean Valuation Ser ...

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