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Why Having an Accountability Partner Will Make You a Better Practitioner

Professionals set milestones, yet miss some or many. The author in this article proposes a reason for why goals are not met and proposes a solution in this article. You know what you need to do to grow your practice. You say you’re gonna do them. They are on your to-do list. So why haven’t you done them? Face it, we generally know what we need to do (in almost any situation). But most of us, including me, s ...

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November 2023

Is Your Goal More Revenue or More Profit? Your Next Hire May Tell According to BVR’s 2023 Business Valuation Firm Benchmarking Survey, the demographics say you, dear reader, most likely run your firm as a solo (24 percent of respondents), are in a firm with one or two employees (21 percent), or are heading up a small valuation practice in a traditional CPA firm. In this article, Rod Burkert shares his thoug ...

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M&A Multiples: Business Value v. Balance Sheet Value

Buyers and Sellers Need to Negotiate Delivery Targets for Working Capital and Agree on a Fair Market Value for Fixed Assets. Valuation principles generally hold that the value of a business is largely a function of return on invested capital and growth, writes Ron Stacey, since these are the primary drivers of free cash flow. But how does this cash flow relate to the asset and liability values on the balanc ...

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Rob Slee Draws Distinctions: Distressed Deals, Healthy Deals, Zombie Deals, and What’s Important to Value Creation —MidasNation

MidasFund Will Not Acquire Distressed Companies; However, it Will Buy Stable Divisions of Bankrupt Companies.  Here's Why.   "Last week’s announcement that MidasFund had started acquiring zombie companies caused a flurry of emails," writes Rob Slee on the MidasMoments blog of the MidasNation site.  "Many of you asked about the differences between acquiring distressed, zombie and healthy companies. Let’s dig ...

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Exiting a Business Profitably Is More About Analyzing Value Than About Good Luck

Valuation Experts Need to Be an Integral Part of Every Business Owners’ Initial Plan. Herbert Kalman explains why business owners need to begin thinking about an eventual exit from their very beginning plans. Here’s solid advice on the value and structure of buy-sell agreements, formal business planning, annual valuations, networking, and other planning essentials. ...

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Why Using a Mentor is Key to Building the Value of Your Firm’s Work

Good Mentors Not Only Catch Errors, but Speed Professional Development, Provide Perspective, and Help Build Your Company Brand The mentoring process is invaluable, explains Baria Jaroudi. That’s not simply because it provides a proofread and detail check, or even because it strengthens professional development and solicits team expertise and new perspectives. Perhaps most importantly, strong mentoring helps ...

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Three Ways to Make Your Employees Happy — American Express OPENForum, Families and Work Institute

The company culture you build has a major impact on how successful the business will be as it grows, writes Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert, at American Express OPENForum, a small business media hub.  One of the biggest trends in the past few years is workplace flexibility.   A new study by the Families and Work Institute shows that more than 75 percent of employers now offer some form of flex time. ...

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